Keen Ching Industrial Co., Ltd.

Invisible Zipper Open-end


Composition 70% PES rec., 30% Zinc

Weight 11.5 g/m²


Product information

The invisible zipper has been vastly used for more than 30 years. However, the open-end zipper has never been produced and used due to its unique stitching method different from the flat stitching for normal zippers. Until 1999, KCC successfully developed and applied a movable box on the invisible open-end zipper, which has been patented in many countries all over the world and able to formally produce and use in the market. The box of invisible open-end zipper can be moved together with slider to let the inserted pin to be sewn completely. After sewing, then push box back to the end then reposition to combine pin perfectly.

Keen Ching Industrial Co., Ltd.

KEEN CHING was founded in 1976 and initially engaged in zipper production machinery. Over 40 years experience of zipper machinery production, we integrated our extensive technical know-hows, it creates KCC has great R&D abilities and produces the most innovation zippers in the world. KEEN CHING Company KCC aims for development and prosperity, values that are consistent with our goal of developing new products for the global zip industry. KCC 5 CORE VALUES Professionalism, Quality, Service, Responsibility, and Innovation As a professional manufacturer, we seek the highest levels of quality for our products and orient ourselves and our efforts towards our customers. We strive towards prompt services, bear total responsibility for our products, and seek creative breakthroughs and innovations in product R&D to generate new value for zipper products. At KCC, we also share our achievements and gains with all our customers and employees to attain sustainable corporate management.


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