drirelease / OPTIMER



Composition 100% PES, bio-degradable

Weight 190 g/m²


Product information

LOFT is a range of performance fleece taken to a next level. In a market where performance has been defined only by stretch and warmth, LOFT brings enhanced comfort to fleece with the addition of moisture management. Thermoregulation provided by the efficient transportation of sweat gives LOFT fleece peak performance with less weight and through a broader range of activity. Our research shows that the wicking performance of layering pieces is just as important for comfort as the base layer. In fact, LOFT enhances the release of moisture by first layer, moving sweat and vapor through to the fleece surface where the moisture evaporates. The wicking through layers creates a system for maximum comfort.

drirelease / OPTIMER

For more than two decades, technologies made by Optimer Brands have been an inherent part of the surging, connected lifestyle that's changed how we dress as we engage with our lives – play, travel, work, or just relaxing. First with drirelease®, an unique engineered natural technology with multi-denier and multi-staple length fibers that accelerates moisture wicking and dries up to 4 x faster than cotton, with natural aesthetic that is unmatched among performance textiles. Now, Optimer®, with technologies as ADAPT – Phase Change Material, SOOTHE with Aloe Vera and FRESHGUARD® odor control, designed to be infused at the any fabric/fiber. Last but no least, Dricomfort® lwith enhanced technologies as GEO active particle that accelerates the drying of filament polyester fabrics, LOFT fleeces that wick sweat as well as warm and DUO fabrics that wick inside and repels outside.


Production in

Canada, China, El Salvador, India, South Korea, Lithuania, Portugal, Taiwan, Turkey, United States


28 Kennedy Blvd, Suite 300
08816 East Brunswick, NJ
United States

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