5715 ENZ


Composition 4% EA, 18% HA, 79% PES rec.

Weight 335 g/m²


Product information

Partnering with nature is a completely new way of thinking and working on Earth. Our double layer knit composed of recycled polyester, hemp and elastan is a solution to make a product in a sustainable way. One of the most recent natural fiber implemented into textile industry is hemp, that has a growing popularity and usefulness for green development as a sustainable fiber as it is easy to cultivate organically. Hemp is dark tan and strong fiber, which offers the best ratio of heat capacity of all fibers, is a breathable and a biodegradable natural fiber. Hemp fiber is easily blended with materials such as recycled polyester and provide new range of products of good quality, air permeability and softness. Hemp blend with recycled polyester creates strong, wrinkle and tear resistant, breathable and good moisture managing knitwear. Addition of 4% of elastane into the material gives the flexibility and comfort. Blend of natural and eco-sustainable fibers as hemp and recycled polyester ends up as a benefit for the soil, eco-system, health of the workers and consumers, as well as offers high quality product with good mechanical properties. This blend of fibers made into one fabric can be used for leisure and fashion purposes.


Omniteksas – a vertically integrated company offering 4 main services: fabric development upon request, collection of fabrics by Omniteksas, ready made garments upon request, white label option. Our fabric architects will find novelty high-tech solutions for your needs. Since we overtook the experience, know-how and tradition of 3 Swedish companies that we bought over the years, we can proudly say we are: - Experts in Creating Innovative Functional Jersey Fabric, Designing Functional Garments and - Leaders of our field in the Scandinavian and Central Europe regions. We are one of the few companies in EU who can make jersey fabric and garments from: - Natural yarns (cotton, linen, hemp, wool), - Man made yarns (viscose, tencel, acetate), - Synthetic yarns (polyester, polyamide, polypropylene, acrylic) or their blends; - Offer special finishing solutions (antibacterial, antivirus, water repelling, moisture controlling, antistatic, anti-insect, UV protection, flame retardant to name a few). Since we are a Full Production Cycle Company, we can assure you will get all the services under one roof: knitting, fabric dyeing, finishing, placement printing, garment washing/dyeing, quality control, logistics to name a few.


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Raudondvario pl. 101
LT-47184 Kaunas

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