Composition 100% NYLON 6 RECYCLED

Weight 155-200


Product information

A seamless article without the use of elastane. Many companies worry about the performance of mono-component fabrics, especially when refraining from the use of spandex. A fabric like Cifra proves the opposite, because even without elastane the fabric provides the required flexibility and is soft to the touch.

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Cifra is a B2B oriented manufacturing company that produces highly performing and unique garments with an exclusive 3D technology. Cifra is well known as a center of excellence for warp knit seamless technology. Warp Knit Seamless technology offers the high productivity of weft knitting together with the shape flexibility of flat knitting. WKS Warp knitted items have highly performing characteristics such as: - body mapping (ventilation and support areas - functional zones) - no laddering (yarns do not run and edges can be left raw cut) - whole knitted garments (no extra sewing - more comfort) - zero waste production - Eco- sustainable yarns Cifra has obtained the prestigious STEP certification that guarantees and certifies the Company's commitment toward environmentally low impact activities. "Our commitment to innovation, flexibility, strong production capacity and know-how made us the most innovative in the production of WKS items".


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Via Sabbionette 7
20843 Verano Brianza

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