Imbotex Srl


Insulation & Fibres

Composition 50% PES rec., 52% Recycled Silk

Weight 45/60/80/100/130/160


Product information

NATIVA SILK PAD GRS is the new “active warmth insulation” that allows air exchange for breathability and comfort in more dynamic situations. This new 100% recycled insulation has the amazing ability to keep us cool when it’s warm and warm when it’s cold. Silk has a smooth, soft texture that is not slippery, unlike many synthetic fibers. Silk’s absorbency makes it comfortable to wear in warm weather and during sport performances. Its low conductivity keeps warm air close to the skin during cold weather. Silk’s part is composed by pre-consumer yarn’s wastes – these come from the end of cones which are discarded during the production of noble pure silk fabrics. The cones are recovered and the part of pure silk is removed and then degummed. The degumming, if realized adequately, gives the fiber itself an incomparable shine and brightness. The method that is most commonly followed is the one which tends to exploit soapy solutions (first of all Marseille soap). The fibroin, which composes 75% of the yarn, is finally mixed with GRS polyester staple fibers. GRS - Global Recycled Standard is an holistic certification for products with recycled contents.

Imbotex Srl

Established in 1955, Imbotex is a leader in the field of natural materials and technology. The company is organized into two divisions: upholstery for furniture and bedding and insulations for high-performance apparel and sportswear. These sectors work together in a continuous exchange of production and know-how. With the entrepreneurial, all-female dynamics defining the company, the business strategy has focused on the production of insulations for body wellness – entirely made in Italy.


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35013 Cittadella

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