Windtex Vagotex Spa

Heidi Double Bio

Special - Biodegradable Nylon

Composition 100% PA, Biodegr.

Weight 140 g/m²

Water Column 10000

Breathability 12 g/m²/24h


Product information

3 layer biodegradable polyamide with biobased polyamide membrane.

Windtex Vagotex Spa

Windtex Vagotex S.p.A. was established in the 80s and since over twenty years ISO 9001, certified Oeko -Tex and recently Global Recycle Standard (GRS). During the nineties developed an elastic membrane: Windtex®, followed later by other equal innovative materials. Today with its 24 production lines, is a leader in the field of lamination and the processing of technical fabrics for sportswear and footwear. Windtex Vagotex is equipped with a modern laboratory with machinery for testing finished products to guarantee a high level of quality for its customers. Thanks to a dynamic and positive business philosophy built in harmony with the values of sport, the company has managed to remain competitive by creating ever more performing fabrics suitable for different sports disciplines.


Production in



Viale del Lavoro 15
37030 Colognola ai Colli

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