Imbotex Lab Srl


Special - Biodegradable Nylon

Composition 48% PES rec., 52% Recycled Camelhair

Weight 40/50/60/80/100/130/


Product information

A fully sustainable behavior in the fashion industry can be achieved with a production cycle based on a Circular Economy model and up-cycling is a big step forward in this direction. Upcycling is a neologism that keeps together two concepts: first, the idea of recycling and, second, the idea of improvement and quality (even though you are using discarded materials), thus the prefix “up”. In a Circular Economy the aim is to create less waste by making the most out of every possible material involved in the production process. In our case, recovered scraps of camelhair fabrics are Upcyled from the production of coats (and not only) in order to create a warm insulation, capable of maintaining same properties of virgin materials, without requiring additional consumption. CAMELUXE® is created in three steps; firstly, recovered materials are gathered and sorted in Northern Italy; secondly, they are transformed through a mechanic process into very fine fibres; lastly, the fibres are blended with recycled polyester. This process, whose patent was filed, allowed us to create a product highly resilient, features extraordinary tensile and strength qualities and with consistent insulating capacity. Made through a process that is less impactful in terms of energy and water consumption, waste production, CO2 emissions, CAMELUXE® is a new frontier for ecologically-responsible fashion, giving new purpose to otherwise discarded precious materials.

Imbotex Lab Srl

Established in 1955, Imbotex is a leader in the field of natural materials and technology. The company is organized into two divisions: upholstery for furniture and bedding and insulations for high-performance apparel and sportswear. These sectors work together in a continuous exchange of production and know-how. With the entrepreneurial, all-female dynamics defining the company, the business strategy has focused on the production of insulations for body wellness – entirely made in Italy.


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Via Molini 26
35013 Cittadella

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