SolucellAir Cotton/Wool

Composition: 40% CO, 60% WV

Weight: 300 g/m²


Event: April 2020

Fibres · Yarns · Insulation

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Fabric made with two sides, one in wool, the other in cotton with SolucellAir technology applied. Wool side gives a rich look and a natural thermal performance, cotton side gives a natural, non-itchy touch and, through SolucellAir technology, gives additional thermal performance by trapping static air in the yarn creating an additional insulating layer. The use SolucellAir cotton yarns creatively by double knit with wool yarns gives luxurious look, extra performance and reduced cost and is made by only natural materials, resulting easily biodegradable.

BYR International (Italy) s.r.l. (Solucell)

via Beato Angelico 23/2
20133 Milano

production in:

booth B18

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