BenQ Materials Corp.



Composition 100% PA rec.

Weight 106 g/m²

Water Column 15000

Breathability 10000 g/m²/24h


Product information

This sustainable 3Layer laminate is weaving with 100% recycle nylon fiber and laminated with Xpore membrane. Xpore offers 100% detox and hydrophobic nano-porous membrane . It is more ecological because the Xpore is complete solvent free in process and PFCs/PTFE free in materials. The manufacturing process also requires no water since it uses rolling technique. Therefore, it can save a lot of water. Since the process is solvent free, it also causes no air pollutions during the process. Xpore’s factory itself is a green architecture certificated by Taiwanese government uses solar panels to promote green energy. Xpore technology balances between eco-friendly and high performance. Xpore’s performance is in outstanding quality that could achieve 15K for water resistance by ISO 811 and 10K for permeability by JIS L1099 A1 method.

BenQ Materials Corp.

BenQ Materials is part of BenQ Group and focuses on materials science and membranes technology. Having extended its core membranes expertise to the field of textiles, BenQ Materials developed Xpore, a PFCs-free nano-porous membrane technology for waterproof and breathable textiles. The Xpore brand embodies the integration of the spirit of exploration and pore modules. Xpore technology can be found in various types of waterproof and breathable textiles for urban and outdoor use and for synthetic fabrics (polyester/nylon) as well as natural fibers (wool/cotton/silk).


Production in



29 Jianguo E. Rd., Guishan
33341 Taoyuan

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