Utenos Trikotazas



Composition 50% CO, 50% Soya

Weight 300 g/m²

Breathability 4.9 Ret


Product information

Eco-Friendly blend with a touch of exquisitely softness. Contains Soy fiber – also known as vegan cashmere. The outer side of the fabric is slightly brushed and thus adding an extra softness and peach effect feeling. Soy fiber is made from soybean hulls, an unused waste product of the food industry. In combination with organic cotton it is a fully biodegradable fabric choice.

Utenos Trikotazas

CUSTOMIZED JERSEY SPECIALIST. The largest and one of the most modern knitwear manufacturers in Central and Eastern Europe. From concept to yarn, from fabrics to ready-to-wear garments – everything is born under one roof. Proud to be the world's first factory working completely according to the Detox to Zero standard by Greenpeace. FULL-PC UNDER ONE ROOF Using a fully vertically integrated business model, we develop and produce products from yarn to ready garment under one roof. Full production cycle allows us to guarantee quality at all stages of the production cycle as well as optimum production time, and to take full responsibility for the quality of the product. FOCUS AND VALUES Sustainability and transparency are part of our identity and sets us apart the market. Greenpeace: In 2020 the global environmental organization Greenpeace has recognized UTENOS TRIKOTAŽAS as THE FIRST COMPANY IN THE WORLD to work entirely according to its textiles procurement standard which embodies all existing best practices in terms of zero use of toxic chemicals, fairness and transparency. Green energy: The energy we use in manufacturing is 100% from renewable resources. By making everything IN-HOUSE we use less transportation. Our goal is to be as carbon and fossil-fuel neutral as possible. Certificates: International certificates the company has earned include: Oeko-Tex 100, GOTS, Woolmark, SA800. Read more about: https://www.ut.lt/detox European Business Awards: In 2019 UTENOS TRIKOTAZAS has been recognized as the National Winner in the Social Responsibility and Environmental Awareness category. For us, socially responsible production is more important than just the price. We aim to please conscious consumers with innovative jersey fabrics of excellent quality. WE DEVELOP AND PRODUCE INNOVATIVE JERSEY FOR BRANDS TO SUCCEED.


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J. Basanaviciaus Str. 122
LT28214 Utena

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