LMA - Leandro Manuel Araújo. SA

LMA P0546/18


Composition 100% Polyesteramide

Weight 150 g/m²


Product information

Kotton is a Polyesteramide (Brand New Substance), and composition of this yarn is 60% PET / 40% PA. Continuous population growth has threatened the food security, for crop planting is competing with cotton cultivation for land resource. Domestic development of Kotton chemical fiber has been comparatively lagged behind, hence to develop critical technology system, product system and standardization system in terms of polymerization, spinning, weaving and dyeing & finishing has become urgent needs. Products using revolutionary Kotton Yarn will be cost effective. The technology lays behind it allows us to keep all technical details at least as same as or more as compared with conventional fiber types which are exists on the market. In order to recycle the products made Kotton Yarn, as they completed their life cycle, they do not require additional material or mechanical process to be recycled. Kotton high-tech Yarn, made of a new fiber that has the properties of: 1. The touch, characteristics and absorption are similar to Virgin Cotton 2. The workability similar to Virgin Polyester Fiber 3. The dyeing properties are as same as Cotton and Wool. 4. The elongation similar to Nylon 5. The Biodegradability starts only when it is dumped. 6. It will not bio-grade when it is hot, wet, or being dyed or during any production process. 7. The fiber has fast drying properties

LMA - Leandro Manuel Araújo. SA

LMA is a young and vibrant company, that has proudly become a world-renowned name as one of the most creative and trustworthy partners in the business of developing, producing and supplying the best fabrics the market has to offer, especially in the scope of high-performance technical materials, carefully designed to meet the highest quality standards of the multifaceted sports industry. Outstanding sports results require outstanding fabrics and with this enormous responsibility in mind, we work daily with passion and dedication, to achieve none other but the very best for our customers! This is our biggest motivation! Thanks to an extremely diversified park of machinery, as well as an amazing team of dynamic professionals that stand behind our company, we are able to develop exceptional products, capable of meeting the specific requirements of any business – this is the goal we so hard work towards! Given the diversity of our articles, which come in the form of so many different materials, compositions, weights, structures… our collection is composed of and eclectic assorted display of fabrics, from which our clients can easily choose from. These materials can be used as originally developed by us, or a personal twist can be added to them if our clients so desire, as at this level as well, we are an extremely proactive partner, fully engaged in working together with our clients, helping them give shape to their own fabric ideas. So, whatever it is that you are looking for, you will certainly find at LMA! All of the expertise and profound knowledge that goes into the art of producing beautiful materials, which we so well master, are at your entire disposal!! We assure you, we will not disappoint!


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Av. Américo Teixeira
4795-160 Rebordões

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