Composition: 43% PA, 57% New Dope Dye

Weight: 69 g/m²

Category: Highdensity & Lightweight

Event: November 2018


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CHROMUCH-Glux which affords the yarn with gradient colors. When CHROMUCH-Glux yarn is employed as weft yarn of woven textiles, the fabrics would present elegant gradient colors and shimmery effect. CHROMUCH-Glux is the new technology from NAN YA new dope dyed polyester CHROMUCH. The dope dyed yarn, a long-existing dyeing method, consumes less water and produces less wastewater than the bath dyeing, a widespread used dyeing method in the textile industry. However, the long-existing dope dyeing method still has some unsolved problems in production and practical application. There are two kinds of colorant employed in the dope dyeing method, that is, pigments and dyestuff (mostly solvent dyes). If employing pigments as colorant, the fabric will has excellent color fastness but the color will be dull. Besides, there are only limited range of pigment color suitable in this way so that it is hard to satisfy market demand. If employing dyestuff as colorant, the fabric will be provided diverse, brilliant and deep colors but meanwhile the fabric will encounter colors migration problems. The dilemma between brilliant (or deep) color and excellent color fastness in the application of dope dyeing method is always existing and challenging the textile industry. In order to deal with this dilemma, we develop a brand new dope dyeing technology—CHROMUCH. Through modifying PET resin and spinning equipment, we could mix pigment and dyestuff together in a particular proportion as colorant, CHROMUCH will not only provide fabrics deep and brilliant colors but also tightly trap dyestuff inside the yarn filament. Even after heat set, the fabric still maintains excellent color fastness. CHROMUCH technology could prevent the migration path from staining and meanwhile ensure that the color fastness of all color reach over the 4 grade. For example, the washing fastness of bluish black fabric still reaches over the 4 grade (AATTCC 61III A method) even though the fabric has processed 190℃ heat set. Likewise, the color fastness of high visibility neon color conforming to EN20471 standard also reaches over the 4 grade (AATTCC 61 Ⅱ A) after the fabric has processed 190℃ heat set . What’s more, the accelerate light color fastness of neon yellow still maintains over 4 grade after the exposure of 200 hours CHROMUCH technology is an eco-friendly production method. It directly affords the fabrics brilliant and various colors without dyeing treatment which generates much waste water and CO2 emission. Compared to piece dyeing method, CHROMUCH reduces 94% water consumption, 78% CO2 emission and 64% energy usage (based on woven fabric weight 120 G/Y).

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