64497 - Seaqual

Composition: 40% Recycled PES Seaqual / 60% Organic CO

Weight: 145 g/m²


Event: May 2018


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64497 Seaqual™ is the winner of April 2018’s ECO PERFORMANCE AWARD, as it combines high fabric standards with a completely new approach to sustainable, recycled fibres. A. Sampaio, the innovative knitter from Portugal, has developed the award-winning fabric construction. The highly sustainable fabric is extremely functional, prepared for sports or athleisure. The fine organic cotton provides a natural look and a modern approach. It is very comfortable and its interesting weight makes it suitable for various applications. The fabric is very sustainable as the polyester comes from recycled PES certified by Seaqual™, developed together with the filament spinner Antex. Both are exhibitors at PERFORMANCE DAYS in April 2018. By collecting waste at the bottom of the sea and recycling it into yarn, they are able to prevent the degradation of plastic into harmful microplastic. The whole supply chain around Seaqual™ is located in a restricted geographical area with the advantage of short distances to lower the environmental impact. This is a contribution to help cleaning the oceans – with the idea that mankind must act and start to pay back to nature what it receives from it. Together, A. Sampaio, Seaqual™ and Antex have managed to turn one man’s trash into another man’s treasure.

A. Sampaio & Filhos Têxteis, S.A.

Rua S. Bento da Batalha, 76 Apartado 16
4784-909 Santo Tirso

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booth J13 / hall C1

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