Store Check Guide

The idea was born in 2012 and was updated in October 2014 for the newest edition. The guide is a nice tool for brands to check their product placement in Munich, helps the exhibitor to buy sample items and, in general, aids every fair visitor to get an overview of the sportswear market last but not least, it is a great map for shopaholics.

Store Check Guide 2nd edition

Munich has a very nice shopping landscape. The most famous area is the part around Marienplatz. The idea was to create an overview of the known shops within the former Middle Age town wall marked by the gates: Isar Tor, Sendlinger Tor, Stacchus and Odeonsplatz. The booklet does not meet the claim to represent all shops, but a good selection of stores that officially agreed to be represented. The information and photos are all approved by the shop owners or responsible marketing sections of the brands. Nevertheless, it is possible that there will be changes after the publishing. In case that you find mistakes we will be happy if you let us know about it.

The stores are represented in an alphabetic order. Each store, no matter if 80 or 7.100m², is represented on one page. You find the address including the closest underground station and the location in a map. 3 photos and a summary of the sports that are covered, types of products and brands that are sold are shown. Some space for personal notes give you the opportunity for comments. On the backside cover, a map with all listed shops helps you to plan your trip.

Moreover we have prepared tips for hotels, restaurants and bars at our website and wish you a good time in Munich.


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