December 2020

Nine categories introduce the highlights for accessories, awards and special material stories. Together with the PERFORMANCE FORUM Fabrics, they build up to be the PERFORMANCE FORUM – the perfect platform to introduce and view the latest accessory innovations and trends.


This season, two products particularly caught the Jury’s eye. The first is an interesting construction by ECOSENSOR by AsahiKasei, from 100% recycled fibers: the Quarter Knit. The face side is high gauge, the back side is low gauge – which is achieved by a special knitting machine.
Imbotex Lab added perfectly to the topic of circularity with a recycled insulation made of 51% recycled cashmere. It’s not only lightweight and breathable but also super soft.

Special - Biodegradable Nylon

In recent years, fabric manufacturers in the textile industry have brought future-proof developments to the market. One of them is Amni Soul Eco®. Amni® Soul Eco's construction is an enhanced polyamide 6.6 formula, which enables garments to quickly decompose when they are discarded and left in landfills. In anaerobic landfills it is eliminated from the planet in about 5 years.
The fabric decomposes into organic matter (biomass) and biogas that can be reused as environmental resource. This property starts only when the user decides that the garment has arrived to an end of it’s lifecycle and the garment is actually disposed.

Visibility Add-Ons

All reflective elements that support the idea of visibility and are not made of fabric. This includes items like labels, patches, piping, tapes, cords, zippers and zipper pullers. The reflective or glow in-the-dark elements can be cut out, tailored, pressed or printed.

Labels & Patches

All elements added to the fabric or clothing for the purpose of completing the design or highlighting information or the brand. In this category you find other logo elements, size or model distinctions, design elements, hang tags and labels. The labels and patches can be made of various materials like leather, cork, fabric, synthetics or silicon and can be either sown or glued.


All print products for apparel, bags, and footwear – transfer printing with the feel of textiles or applied to textile surfaces. These are high quality, fine print transfer printing techniques or 3D prints on fabric.


All stretch or non-stretch fabric tapes in the context of manufacturing of textiles or accessories which are glued, bonded or sealed. Selected applications include: Design elements in sealing seams or in waistbands of snow guards or bike pants.


Small detail accessories on apparel, backpacks, bags and footwear such as: Buttons, pressure snaps, strings, stoppers, zipper pullers, eyelets, rivets and rubber strips. However, not for accessories that belong to one of the categories: Zippers, tapes, labels and transfers.


All kinds of zippers for use in apparel, bags, backpacks or footwear. A most diverse range of materials can be used, all sorts and sizes of teeth and sliders. Offered with various advantages such as waterproof designs, solutions for stretch fabrics or even special designs like uneven zippers.

Additionals & Garments

Various detailing solutions in textile processing and marketing. For example, special processing and printing techniques, special sewing methods or even all sorts of packaging, like boxes, displays or banderoles.

Applications & Inlays

Products that cannot be used independently and require a carrier material, such as padding materials, meshes, linings, shock absorption or trimmings. These also include textile workmanships that combine padding with bonding or padding with quilting and the special production methods required for such material designs.

Insulation & Fibres

Fillers for clothing that allow climate management, i.e., warming or cooling properties. These can be synthetic fibers, natural fibers, and blended fibers.


Next to the nine fixed categories, the WALL displays the PERFORMANCE AWARD and the ECO PERFORMANCE AWARD, so the most outstanding stories and novelties on the market! Find add-ons for the collection and get background info on cutting edge products. 

Besides the current PERFORMANCE FORUM items, previous items can be found in the product search and producer search.

Exhibitor List May 2021

Global Elastic
Hugin Int. Co., Ltd.
Keen Ching Industrial Co., Ltd.
Functional Fabric Fair powered by PERFORMANCEDAYS
TaeOh Corp.