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Since April 2010 PERFORMANCE DAYS offers presentations about fabrics, trends, technology and sustainability (categories). Thanks to the presentation library the knowledge is not lost. Presentations can be found according to categories, event, orator or as free search. The details inform about the orator and subject. As cherry on the cake, the presentation as pdfs are possible to be downloaded and since November 2014 the presentations are even recorded and published online as audio file.

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09.11.2017, Mr Alexander Duisberg, Bird & Bird LLP

Smart Textiles – A New World of Data

09.11.2017, Mr Siegfried Winkelbeiner, Schoeller Textil AG

Smart Ideas for Textile Developments

09.11.2017, Ms Sophie Bramel, Freelancer

Smart Thermal Solutions

09.11.2017, Mr Benjamin Mohr, Institut für Textiltechnik RWTH Aachen

Smart Textronics: Adding Function from Fibre to Fabric

09.11.2017, Ms Dr. Juliane Hedderich, European Down and Feather Association EDFA e.V.

Downs: Thermal Properties & Compatible Fabrics

09.11.2017, Mr Martin Harnisch, Hohenstein Group

A Brief History of Warming Clothing

09.11.2017, Mr Charles Ross, Freelancer

Insulation via Non-Wovens

08.11.2017, Ms Nora Kühner, Freelancer

Product Development in Deadlock?

08.11.2017, Ms Annemarie van Hoof, 4-OPTIONS

The Real Value of Products

08.11.2017, Mr Hans Buehr, Freelancer

Developing Biodegradable Apparel

08.11.2017, Mr Marco Ricchetti,

Making New and Traditional Materials More Sustainable

08.11.2017, Mr Andreas Andrén, We aRe SpinDye®

Transparency and Certification is the Key to Measurable Sustainability

08.11.2017, Ms Muchaneta Kapfunde,

Translating the Power of Smart Fabrics

08.11.2017, Ms Nora Kühner, Freelancer

PERFORMANCE COLORS by Nora Kühner- Winter 2019/20

08.11.2017, Ms Ulrike Arlt, Freelancer


27.04.2017, Mr Rüdiger Röhrig, Sustainable Growth Associates

Sustainability and technology acceleration - Surfing the waves

27.04.2017, Ms Karin Ekberg, Leadership & Sustainability

The SAC Higg Index

27.04.2017, Ms Susanne Volz, ecocircle concept

Biodegradability– the nonplus ultra?

27.04.2017, Ms Sophie Bramel, Freelancer

To biodegrade or not?