Focus Topic: ‘Colorization - Chemistry is Everywhere’

No matter how much technical progress fabrics develop - it is their aesthetic beauty that seals the sale. Although the virtual world is progressing fabrics still have the W-o-W ability in real life. This is what PERFORMANCE DAYS is looking for the next Focus Topic! Most of the visual effect is from colour. Finishes enhance the tactile effect.

Being PERFORMANCE DAYS: we want to know of better practice to obtain this result!

Chemistry is regarded as both ‘natural’ & ‘synthetic’, but is attributed to coloring/ odour control/ fibre-fragmentation: what exciting aspects are there to this field?

Color is an essential component of our clothing with an impact on the entire textile chain. The global impact of dyeing is huge - which is why the new Focus Topic ‘Colorization - Chemistry is Everywhere’ is looking for alternatives to conventional, often still questionable dyeing and solutions for better colors.

Is the dye process the aspect that most sums up the pollution side-effect of the apparel industry? Over 90% of dyes used are synthetic – these are associated with the non-decomposition of the ‘natural’ yarns.

Is colourful fashion harmful? Dyeing textiles requires the dye as well as water, energy, salts, mordants and auxiliaries. Additives in the dyeing process ensure that the color pigments penetrate the fibres and are durable and color-stable. 90 per cent of clothing worldwide is dyed synthetically. This is usually referred to as conventional dyeing. Up to 10,000 different synthetic dyes are usually used to color textiles. 10-50 per cent of these end up in the global waterways through washing and contaminate fresh water. Reactive dyes, for example, are often used for cellulose fabrics such as cotton - over a third of the dyes are washed into the water. The end result of the process can be a toxic cocktail of dye residues, dangerous chemicals, heavy metals, microfibres and mordants - the effects of this mix on the environment have not yet been sufficiently researched.

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