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In many of our activities today, we rely more and more on the support of functional clothing, whose engineered fabrics, with synthetic, natural or blended fibres, provide excellent thermoregulation to keep us warm and dry.

The human body generates heat and is constantly trying to regulate its core temperature within a range of 36.5-37.5°Celsius, which is equivalent to 97.7-99.5° Fahrenheit. Heat can be generated directly by the human metabolism (= metabolic heat) and by the effect of environmental conditions on the human body. When more heat is generated, for example during exercise, the body responds by producing sweat to regulate temperature and cool down. In simple terms, heat is energy and coolness is the absence of energy.

Therefore, it makes sense to develop fabrics from baselayer to outerlayer that have thermo-regulating properties, with a focus on warming properties for colder seasons or chilly environments.

The Nylon 4-way Stretch + 37.5® TM PU Print Film from Kunshan Sanchuan Hi-Tech Fabric Co., Ltd. is an excellent example of a perfect water and windproof outer layer fabric for high aerobic activity. The 2.5 layer fabric with a 10k/30k membrane features 37.5® technology in both the membrane and the back print.

This technology works by absorbing the infrared (IR) energy your body naturally emits, which energises our active particles to speed up evaporation and remove moisture next to your skin by incorporating ultra-porous volcanic minerals and coconut-derived activated carbon into the material, creating the perfect micro-climate.

Another mineral-based ingredient is graphene. Graphene fibre acts as a thermal conductor between the environment and your skin, distributing body heat evenly and making it suitable for all seasons.

In addition to absorption by organic and mineral ingredients, absorption can be achieved by combining hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibres or by using natural fibres, especially wool. Wool is an excellent insulator and regulates body temperature. Wool is both hygroscopic and hydrophobic and can easily absorb and release moisture. It allows moisture from the body to evaporate (wick) through the fabric. This helps to keep the skin dry and warm.

Very common in warming base and mid-layer synthetic or blended fabrics are constructions with brushed or chamber knit sides, or both, facing the body.

In addition to the developments in this story from our last Trend Forum, you can find many more warming fabrics in the Product Finder Library. You can also look for materials with phase-change or far-infrared technology. Be inspired.

Kunshan Sanchuan Hi-Tech Fabric Co., Ltd. SC-UHS08

Nylon 4-way Stretch+37.5 TM PU Print Film

2.5 & 3Layer

8% EA, 25% PU, 67% rec. PA

- Bouncy like jelly - Nice Stretch - Thermo Regulation - Keep Warm - Wicking - Quick-dry - Good Handfeel - Skin Friendly - Eco Friendly - Waterproofness: 10K (JIS L 1092-B) - Great Breathability: 30k(JIS L 1099-B1) - Durable Waterproofness - Cool face & back membrane structure - Fashion 37.5 ™logo in the Membrane - Advanced 37.5 ™ technology form the USA

Evertex Fabrinology Ltd.

Janerino® - JNR9295NE


4% EA, 44% WO M, 7% PA, 45% rec. PES

This novelty hybrid wool fleece offers a luxuriously soft and bulky hand feel. Its natural insulation keeps the wearer warm in cooler climates, providing exceptional wearing comfort. Furthermore, the fabric possesses good recovery and durability, ensuring easy movement and long-lasting performance.

Venitra Industrial Group FA03IB00008



36% Ly, 64% WV

An authentic brushed merino wool that is naturally warm and odor resistant, also comfortable and soft to the touch. Perfect for Zip Fleece Layer and accessories.

3D ready by Vizoo Logo

Domiles Enterprises Co., Ltd. DN1580-PD-1


Pants & Tights

61% rec. PA, 20% rec. EA, 10% Graphene Poly

A four-way stretch double-weave, this versatile fabric is both sustainable and functional as it consists of recycled nylon and graphene. Graphene fiber acts as a thermal conductor between the environment and your skin, evenly distributing body heat and hence suitable for all seasons.

H-OneTex Co., Ltd. Garment cutting scrap (RSCUW) fleece



34% biob.PES, 6% EA, 60% RSCUW

RSCUW yarn used on jersey side which is 20% waste gray and 80% bottle recycle from garment cutting scrap. Brushed side is composed of 100% biodegradable polyester, GREENONE from NanYa for anti-micro plastic for ocean. High pilling, snagging and abrasion resistance. Comfort with 4-way stretch and warmth with brushed back.

Manteco® 284432820


Function Meets Fashion

70% WO M, 30% rec. PA

An innovative flannel made with MWool®, the next generation of recycled wool by Manteco®. The color of this fabric is made without added dyes and chemicals, thanks to the Recype® color creation technique. It is bonded (through biobased glue) with a special membrane that makes the fabric water-proof and wind-proof. The fabric’ surface is made water-repellent through a special, Fluoro-free finishing process.

drirelease / OPTIMER / Dricomfort 8139

drirelease WOOL

Softshell & Outer Midlayer

6% EA, 84% PES, 10% WV

drirelease® Wool is the WARM COMFORT WITHOUT ITCH, because drirelease blends’ brilliance is the engineered combination of hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibers that allow them to engage with moisture naturally to dramatically improve how wetness is pulled from the skin and released into the air without using any kind of chemicals it permanent and eco-friendly. drirelease® WOOL provides comfort without feeling damp against the skin due to the unique natural blend technology that wicks and dries faster (up to 4x) keeping you comfortable all day every day.

New Wide Enterprise Co., Ltd. CW81274



16% rec. PA, 67% TENCEL™ Ly, 17% WV

Due to wool and 37.5 technology, the fabric performs both thermoregulation and moisture control functions. The synergy between material and structure offers a comfy and healing experience to the wearer. With the degradability of the whole fabric, it’s an excellent practice of carbon neutrality.

3D ready by Vizoo Logo

e.dye Kunshan Ltd. DFL205-SD2BVI


Safety, Health & Durability

100% rec. PES

This Thermo Fleece – where superior softness meets unparalleled color durability. This advanced thermo fleece is designed to keep you warm even in the most extreme cold conditions while allowing effortless mobility. e.dye® Waterless Dyeing Technology, compared to traditional water dye processes, it reduces: 85% less water usage, 90% fewer chemicals, and 12% deduction in CO2 emissions. Data is by e.dye® EPD (Environment Product Declaration), NO#: S-P-01440.

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