The latest membrane solutions

In the October Performance Days we took a very close look at the latest membrane solutions as it was part of the Focus Topic „Evolution and Revolution: From Membranes to Carbon Story”. The use of PFAS has been permanently banned since February 2023, that’s why exhibitors offered some innovative developments.

Microporous membranes are the most widely used solution with initial performance figures and if you want to go truly circular, you may go for microporous Polypropylene membranes. Hydrophilic membranes are the traditional alternative with best performance after wetting out, but now available from CCU yarn as Polyurethane film as a next generation more sustainable option. Electrospun membranes have a comeback as now available as PFC-free development. They are the alternative for best permeability, but one has to consider, that waterproofness is not given when pressure comes from outside, e.g. as a backpack on a jacket. Membranes for the next seasons are available out of Polypropylene, Polyester, Nylon and Polyurethane, mostly recycled or biobased. Besides the selection in this material story you may find more exciting waterproof fabrics for your collections strolling through the categories in the latest Forum display in The Loop.

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