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After our last jury meeting for the PERFORMANCE DAYS forum we realized that new technologies enriched the textile market. For this reason we created new icons for you to easily find fabrics in The Loop that are produced with these sustainable methods.

Carbon Capture: Innovative carbon capture technology uses carbon that already exists in life to make polyester raw materials, effectively reducing resource consumption and contributing to the sustainability of the earth.

Car Tires: At the end of the lifecycle of tires, waste tires are converted into nylon raw materials by chemical recycling, which can effectively reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and contribute to the sustainability of the earth.

Textile Waste: Upcycling of pre-consumer cotton scraps from garment production contributes to circular economy.

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Long Advance Int. Co., Ltd.



58% biob.PES, 42% rec. PES

Bio3 PET Filament transforms industrial waste gas into low carbon MEG that is then utilized in PET filaments production. Aligned with bio-based membrane which with 7% of material also transfer from industrial waste gas.

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Grand Textile Co., Ltd.



2% EA, 98% rec. PES

The recycled polyester yarn from this spacer fabric comes from textile waste. The colour is natural (without dyestuff) and it has a nice cotton handfeel.

IBQ Textiles


Pants & Tights

13% EA, 20% PES, 67% rec. PA

This fabric is made from recycled Polyamide BASF, a recycled PA taken from old melted tires during a procedure named pyrolysis. This also has some Pes CoolMax® in the inner face to keep it more breathable.

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Pants & Tights

13% EA, 77% rec. PA, 10% rec. PES

The nylon raw material comes from used tires. It has a nice handfeel, is super stretchy and is perfectly usable for pants.

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New Wide Enterprise Co., Ltd. B123428


Softshell & Outer Midlayer

43% CO, 29% rec. PES, 28% Refibra

Due to the waffle structure this fabric creates the ideal microclimate next to skin and offers skin-friendly properties. REFIBRA™ is featuring the upcycling of pre-consumer cotton scraps from garment production.

Far Eastern New Century Corp. PS9I0010-DD01AT


Function Meets Fashion

86% rec. PES, 14% rec. EA

An innovative technology both captures carbon emissions and displaces demand for conventional fossil fuel-based polyester. FENC cooperates with biotech company, LanzaTech, to utilize bio technology which transforms industrial waste gas into low carbon MEG then utilized in polyester production.

H-OneTex Co., Ltd. Refibra Single Stretch Jersey



5% EA, 76% PES, 19% Refibra

This soft baselayer is made from Refibra™ by Lenzing cotton yarn and fabric scraps. It has a very good moisture management and natural handfeel. Plus it’s comfortable and sustainable.

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