Polypropylene Fabrics

Polypropylene (often abbreviated as PP) is a thermoplastic polymer that belongs to the family of polyolefins. Is is a versatile material known for its durability and low carbon footprint. Additionally, polypropylene’s lightweight nature and recyclability make it a popular choice for various applications. It’s low moisture absorption makes it suitable for applications exposed to moisture or water.

Taiwan Axroma Technical Textile Co., Ltd. P003-2

Mackintosh® 2L Air Poplin Satin


100% PP

Solution-dyed and PFC free Mackintosh® repellency maximize the performance of low carbon footprint polypropylene. The celebrated forever repellency resists various liquid stains and remains effective after several times of washings, plus over 10,000mm hydrostatic pressure, truly enables the application from everyday to functional. 100% polypropylene, low carbon footprint, ultimately easy to recycle.

Wujiang Flying Textile Co., Ltd. FY22347

75D polyprop.Pearl pointweftstretch


23% PP, 77% rec. PES

The fabric is made of polypropylene fiber and recycled T8 fiber. Polypropylene fiber is the lightest synthetic fiber and the official regain is almost 0.Recycled T8 is a Bi-component fiber its raw material comes from post-consumed plastic bottles and Recycled plastic parts of discarded cars.The fabric uses double-sided tissue to weave polypropylene fiber on the back and has a concave and convex gouge feeling, which can quickly absorb and drain the moisture on the wearer's skin surface out of the body by siphon effect. T8 fiber ensures great elasticity of fabric. Suitable for pants and jackets.

Long Advance Int. Co., Ltd.



100% PP

This Twill fabric is due to polypropylene mono component, PP fiber has many nature benefit such as light weight, Antibacterial, quick dry….. The entire process of polypropylene fiber from production to disposal requires the lowest production energy and pollution among all petrochemical fibers.

Shin Han Ind.


Lightweight & Downproof

100% PP

This quality is made with dyeable polypropylene. The WR can be without any WR chemicals and thus can save energy and is also monocomponent.

Asahikasei Advance Corporation ESS1-D6300-SPP2L



100% PP

Super light weight 2 layer composed of 100% Polyproplyne both face and membrane that has water resistant without water repellent. PP membrane is produced in a solvent-free process and is perfuluorocarbon free and is naturally lightweight due to high porosity and low specific gravity.

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