Next-gen elastane for eco-conscious stretch fabrics

Nowadays it is almost impossible to imagine clothing without stretch. Just 1-2% elastane makes your favorite jeans fit perfectly, with 2-4% elastane in tops you have less creasing and more comfort due to the stretch. Between 10%-20% elastane in your sportswear provide superiror comfort due to its high stretch. From 20% elastane in knits or wovens, we can speak of fabrics for compression clothing, i.e. muscle support = more performance.

The pain point is that elastane blended in material is still difficult to recycle. Actually we may allow 3-4% elastane that does not disrupt the recycling process. At the moment there is little to no infrastructure for the recycling of elastane.

The next generation now allows us the future-forward thinking: Recycled elastane, biobased elastane and even biodegradable elastane.

Recycled elastane brands you may find in „THE LOOP“ are creora® regen by HYOSUNG, ROICA™ EF by AsahiKASEI and LYCRA® EcoMade fiber. The fiber can be produced out of: Pre-consumer spandex manufacturing waste, pre-consumer materials, reclaimed production waste, recycled PET bottles

For biobased elastane check out creora® bio-based by HYOSUNG. Biobased elastane comes from renewable biomass, including plant-based materials and agricultural waste.

Branded biodegradable elastane comes from AsahiKASEI and is called ROICA™ V550. It decomposes into CO2 and Water after degradation and degrades around 50% after 24 months. It was rewarded with a Cradle-to-Cradle Certified Material Health Certificate.

Maybe the new diversity of elastane becomes interesting for your collection concepts, if you go into the storytelling by using materials that provide recycled/ recycled or biobased/ biobased and of course biodegradable/ biodegradable fiber and elastane.



Pants & Tights

34% EA, 66% PA

Biodegradable fabric: Polyamide with enhanced biodegradability + Biodegradable Elastane Cleancut Explosive Technology: Superior comfort

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Function Meets Fashion

90% rec. PA, 10% rec. EA

Recycled lightweight stretch reflective fabric with high visibility. Lightweight makes the fabric much smooth and thin, becoming ultra-light and comfortably for functional fabric, used in high performance sport clothing. Retro reflective fabrics illuminate by reflecting the light that hits their surface. Applicable to any casual wear, active sportswear, sports, fashion ...

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M.i.t.i. Spa W23160EN



80% rec. PA, 20% rec. EA

Fully recycled stretch brushed fabric with line structure. Thermal properties, good compression and good pilling resistance. It belongs to our Green Soul technology which combines the use of 100% sustainable recycled fibers with the most environmental friendly dyeing and finishing processes with no compromise on the performance of the fabrics.

Sheico Group (Shei Chung Hsin Ind.) Co., Ltd. S130491-2

Wasted Tires Jersey


91% rec. PA, 9% rec. EA

Upcycled wasted tires that would have gone into landfill as color agents for GRS recycled nylon to knit into a beautifully saturated eco-friendly jersey. bluesign® approved fabric.

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Ray-Fabrics Co., Ltd. N14423

Nature Acetate


32% rec. PES, 10% rec. EA, 58% Naia

Nature Fiber Naia and recycled polyester blend bring both luxurious look and functions. Quick Dry and Wicking Function make it comfortest wear add Mesh structure take it good for air permeability.

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Hyosung HS22-01-0259



83% rec. PES, 17% bio-based spandex

Sustainable Jersey fabric - Made with a blend of Hyosung's GRS-certified, 100% recycled multi-function polyester regen aerolight and Hyosung's SGS-certified, creora(r) bio-based spandex partly made with renewable resources. regen aerolight offers lightweight, quick dry function to the fabric.

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IdeaTex Co., Ltd. EN-R344-B


Pants & Tights

90% biob.PES, 10% biob.Spandex

The Carbon Capture yarn and biob.Spandex, both of them have lower CO2 emission performance and are also Eco-friendly for the environment, so the fabric made from those yarns can bring the benefit too, and through covering tech has great stretchable performance. And peach finishing brings a smooth and cottony hand feel. It's suitable for casual, outdoor, and workwear.

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Hyosung HS23-02-0257


Function Meets Fashion

67% Mo, 28% rec. PES, 5% bio-based spandex

Sustainable Interlock fabric - Made with a blend of Hyosung's GRS-certified, 100% recycled polyester regen and Hyosung's SGS-certified, creora(r) bio-based spandex partly made with renewable resources. creora(r) bio-based contributes a 20% reduction in carbon footprint compared with regular spandex production.

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Sidónios Malhas, SA C.230301



47% WO M, 47% TENCEL™ Ly, 6% Bio-based elastan

Knitted from natural elements: Tencel, merino, and bio-based elastane. This blend ensures a soft, comfortable feel that's gentle on your skin. Ideal for sportswear, it excels as a thermal manager, efficiently wicking moisture and offering natural antibacterial properties. Moreover, it's degradable, underlining our commitment to environmental well-being. Increase your comfort while embracing eco-conscious choices with this future-forward fabric.

Woojoo Global



78% biob.Nylon, 22% Bio-based Spandex

Bio-based materials are new materials made from renewable biomass, including agricultural waste, such as straw, through biological, chemical and physical methods, with the advantages of green, energy-saving, renewable raw materials, and some categories also have good biodegradable properties.

Utenos trikotazas AB



48% CO, 4% EA, 48% Soy Protein

Contains a soy protein fiber – an exquisitely soft material known as vegan cashmere. In combination with organic cotton and biodegradable ROICA , the fabric is soft, light and durable. With thermal insulation properties. The outer side of the fabric is slightly brushed, giving a peach-like effect. Fleece unbrushed.

Maglificio Alto Milanese Srl I534/A/TI/N



4% EA, 90% PA, 6% Elastan (RECYCLE)

Interlock made with nylon recycled amd and a percentage of elastan ROICA, which gives to fabric shape comfort, performance and fit, adding value to sportswear, underwear and business wear.

Alexa Dehmel

About the Author

Alexa Dehmel

active sports design & consulting

Alexa Dehmel is a performance sports clothing and workwear design expert with over 20 years of experience in the apparel industry. She runs her own design agency in Munich, Germany, has been the curator of functional fabrics for Performance Days and Functional Fabric Fair for over 14 years, and is a guest lecturer and journalist. She strongly believes that the future responsible way is the most valuable way to advise companies in the textile industry.


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