Fabrics for performance tights & pants

Sportive tights and pants are essential activewear garments designed to enhance performance and comfort during physical activities like running, yoga or biking. But they are also wearable all day long and have become an important part for a relaxed lifestyle. These kind of fabrics are very stretchable and can be printed or have a 3D structure. Our selected materials are all made of sustainable materials such as biobased Nylon,  recycled Nylon and Polyester, yarns made from old tires or even dyed with less water and without heavy metals (Meryl Hidrogen EcoDye).

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Brugnoli FG B BR4003TN STD


Pants & Tights

80% biob.Nylon, 20% LYCRA®

Eco-sustainable: bio-based polyamide + Patented production process reducing water and energy consumption. Explosive Technology: maximum compression and muscle sustain combined with outstanding comfort for a real second skin fabric. Breathable - Wrinkle free - No pilling - Anti abrasion - No bagging - No transparencies - UPF50+ - Bistretch - Cleancut.

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A. Sampaio & Filhos - Têxteis SA 68753


Pants & Tights

19% EA, 81% PA Meryl® Hidrogen EcoDye (41% Rec.)

This fabric was born from 50% recycled Meryl® Hydrogen polyamide, envisioning a lower footprint and providing this synthetic yarn with a second chance at life. Indeed, this yarn achieves luxury sportive performance without needing chemical treatments. This fabric showcases natural stretch, exceptional touch, absorption, compression, and moisturising effect. It is made with Meryl® EcoDye yarn, reducing energy and water consumption while achieving an excellent and permanent colour, which becomes an inherent quality of the polyamide yarn. Sustainability is embedded in this fabric!

Eurojersey Spa SEKN

Sensitive(R) Life Inkjet printed

Pants & Tights

27% LYCRA®, 73% rec. PA

Eurojersey was the first company in the textile sector to declare its environmental performance by publishing a Product Environmental Footprint report detailing its production plant data for 2017, and accompanied by the PEF 010/19 certification issued by CERTIQUALITY in April 2019

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M.i.t.i. Spa


Pants & Tights

24% EA, 76% PA

BIOBACK low impact technology is MITI new technology belonging to the Greenperforming 2.0 philosophy. This technology, made with accelerated biodegradable yarns, aims to propose an answer to the important theme of garments end of life. EARTH BIO WITHOUT is produced with accelerated biodegradable PA yarn and cradle to cradle EA. it's a stretch super-compressive fabric with a good UV protection. High abrasion resistance, non-see-through and perfect fit.

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Crowning Technical Textile Co., Ltd.


Pants & Tights

8% EA, 47% rec. PA, 45% rec. PES

Dimensional effect with soft inner and stretch provide excellent recovery for all kindl of pants or legging.

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LMA - Leandro Manuel Araújo, SA P0549/22


Pants & Tights

20% EA, 80% rec. PES

Extremely versatile article with technical approach, developed with recycled polyester and elastane. This article is characterized by soft touch, breathable, comfortable and clean surface. It’s a fantastic sustainable fabric that it also helps reduce dependence on fossil fuels by reusing materials that already exist. Recycled polyester has even less of an impact on atmospheric and water resources than normal PES. Ideal for active wear garments (leggings, shorts, tops, sports bras...)

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Everest Textile Co., Ltd. F22D0343QD


Pants & Tights

6% EA, 32% PA, 56% rec. PA, 6% rec. EA

At the end of the lifecycle of tires, waste tires are converted into nylon raw materials by chemical recycling, which can effectively reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and contribute to the sustainability of the earth. The end-use: Outdoor pants, Outdoor jackets, Fitted jackets.

Grand Textile Co., Ltd.


Pants & Tights

9% EA, 91% PA

Nylon+Spandex Jersey Tech: Wicking+Stone cold Implant+Color Max+Water Reactive Print REF. Price: F.O.B. USD6.77/Y

IBQ Textiles


Pants & Tights

11% EA, 15% PA, 74% rec. PA

This fabric is made of recycled Polyamide ECONYL® meshed with some Nilit Breeze to make it more fresh and comfortable to the skin.

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Retex Textile Co., Ltd.


Pants & Tights

28% EA, 72% rec. PA

This fabric is for leggings. Since it contains big portion of spandex, it is quite flexible.

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