Cooling Fabrics

In the heat of summer or during intense physical activities, there’s nothing more appealing than a fabric that can keep you cool and comfortable. These kind of fabrics have typical properties to enhance breathability. brrr° cooling technology permanently keeps you cool without relying on moisture movement. Other technologies like hemp, Tencel or Coolmax use moisture capabilities to move sweat away from skin and to evaporate quickly- Check out our latest selection that can cool your body!

brrrº K0258R-XPE

BRRR Cooling + Biowicking


64% rec. PES, 36% Seawool rec. PES

BRRR natural minerals provide cooling + moisture wicking + quick drying. This item is produced in Taiwan at a sustainable mill. The recycled Polyester content is made with brrr° technology.

Hemp Fortex Industries Ltd HL312Y-B03

hemp&tencel plain light weight


55% HA, 45% TENCEL™ Ly

HL312Y-B03 is made of two plant fibers, hemp and TENCEL™. With the two natural plant fibers. The fabric is biodegradable and sustainable. Hemp is a natural fiber made from the stalk of a hemp plant. Used to make clothing and other items, these fibers are naturally soft, breathable, and durable—ideal for clothing and accessories that need to be both practical and beautiful.

Jersey Lomellina S.p.A.



12% EA, 88% rec. PA

Jersey Lomellina celebrates the birth of Renew Waffle, the new, bold item featuring a green soul designed to bring a wind of change into the world of beachwear and into the Renew family of eco-sustainable fabrics. Reminding to seersucker, Renew Waffle is elegant and high performance. Highly stretch, it boasts a slightly three-dimensional texture and an impalpable, crispy hand feel. Stylish and with a bon ton allure, Renew Waffle is highly sustainable. Like all other fabrics belonging to the JL Renew family. Jersey Lomellina new creation is made of ECONYL®, a 100% regenerated Nylon from pre an




50% rec. PES, 50% PESCoolm.Air

Brrr Recycle polyester/Coolmax Air polyester-Interlock. Combined interlock fabric made of two exceptional PES fibers is perfect for functional fabric selection. Knitted fabric meets insulation (CLO) requirements, fabric stability and permanent moisture management. Light weight and stretchiness guaranties comfort while active wear. Brrr recycled polyester which is next to skin maximize comfortability and COOLMAX® ALL SEASON yarn due to it‘s special technology is easy - care, provides excellent moisture management, wicking and air permeability performance. Fabric is durable and sustainable.

Wisher Industrial Co., Ltd. M13464R / 06723

Spray Dye Check Stretch Seersucker


100% rec. PES

* Spray dye. * Wicking & quick dry. * Stretch without spandex for energy saving. * Recycledd material & recyclable. * End-use : shirt & Short.

Burlington J3618 023 CN

KNOWLES J3618 023 CN


71% PA, 29% PES, (50% REC NYL)

Global Warming 27.00 Eutrophication 11.20 Water Scarcity A classic nylon ripstop with a twist and contains 50% recycled Nylon. This unique dobby pattern provides visual and textural interest while also providing moisture management and UV protection. 3.25 Resource Depletion 25.50 Chemistry 5.59

Coolcore CC2215-R

Two-Tone Jacquard Knit - Recycled

Function Meets Fashion

33% PES, 67% rec. PES

This CC2215-R fabric is made with 67% recycled polyester with our proprietary, chemical-free cooling performance, making it an eco-friendly choice while keeping you cool and comfortable. The fabric features a stylish jacquard pattern in marble camo that is perfect for t-shirts, long sleeve tees, and lightweight hoodies.

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