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Taiwan is one of the world’s leading suppliers of functional textiles.

One of the keys to the success of Taiwanese textile industry is its ability to adapt to changing market trends and demands. The textile manufacturers invest heavily in developing new materials, processes and technologies to stay at the forefront of the global market.

Enjoy our selection from this dynamic and innovative country!

Taiwan Axroma Technical Textile Co., Ltd.

Mackintosh® Greenwich Ripstop

Bags & Tents

50% PP, 50% Rec.Polyprop./PP

Composition: 100% Polypropylene with 50% recycled Post-Consumer Waste. Converting to recycled Polypropylene with Mackintosh® technology proves the momentum and possibility to reduce carbon footprint. Traceable post-consumer waste is mechanically processed to granulate, extrude, texture, and successfully infuse the water repellency through Mackintosh® technology to maintain its performance while being recycled. Solution-dyed, PFC free Mackintosh® repellency, Mackintosh® Greenwich benefits from ripstop weave to solidify the toughness and support utility application, while being recycled & recycl

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Singtex® Industrial Co., Ltd. SW-80460C06-1


Softshell & Outer Midlayer

8% EA, 92% rec. PES

STORMFLEECE™ is SINGTEX's patented technology that creates a fabric with a wind and rain-resistant outer layer and a soft, warm inner layer by combining woven fabric with fleece technology. In place of traditional knitted 2-layer soft-shells, the single-layer textile reduces material consumption, while its densely woven structure minimizes the problem of environmental pollution caused by fibers falling or peeling off, offering better wind resistance and durability.

Labtex K11041A1


Function Meets Fashion

82% biob.PES, 9% WO M, 9% PINEAPPLE

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Da Fon International Development Co., Ltd.



8% EA, 7% PES, 85% rec. PES

SSP01246A integrates recycled plastic bottle-made polyester to confer features in antimicrobial, anti-static, and thermal regulation. The features can last after laundry and are proved to inhibit the growth of bacteria. The fabric is lightweight and breathable as the functional base layer, athleisure, and casual layer.

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Far Eastern New Century Corp. RP9Z0005-LM01AT

TOPGREEN ® Recycling Solutions 3+

2.5 & 3Layer

100% rec. PES

The multiple colors on the outer layer of fabric are derived from the original color of textile waste, and the clean white is from carbon emission without polyester dyeing. Omitting the traditional dyeing process is the main way to save energy, water and chemicals, and the PFC-free water repellent finishing coated on fabric is able to block water drop from external environment. Intercepting plastic waste is one of our missions that accelerate us to create the membrane on inter layer, which makes fabric high moisture permeability and durability, bringing long-term comfort, dry .

Hitex Textile Co., Ltd.


Safety, Health & Durability

100% rec. PES

This fabric designed with twisted yarn which makes abrasion resistance and tear resistance has excellent performance. Membrane application gives it come with waterproof and breathable functions. The multi-functions will meet the various requirements of PPE category.

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