3D Fabrics

3D fabrics are innovative materials that have gained significant attention in recent years due to their unique structure and numerous advantages. These fabrics are constructed using multiple layers of yarns or fibers, creating a three-dimensional matrix or sandwich-like structure. One of the primary advantages of 3D fabrics is their exceptional breathability. The open structure of these fabrics allows air circulation, promoting ventilation and moisture management. Furthermore, 3D fabrics offer versatility in terms of design and aesthetics. Enjoy our latest selection and get inspired!

brrrº K0260R-XTX

BRRR Windowvent


100% rec. PES

Recycled BRRR natural cooling minerals provide cooling + moisture wicking + quick dry performance requiring less use of artificial chemical cooling to provide sustainable comfort.

drirelease / OPTIMER / Dricomfort

DRICOMFORT GEO 365 - 612-KO9829A1


100% rec. PES

GEO uses the body’s energy to enhance comfort all day, every day. This hydrophilic active particle technology is derived from minerals, which have thermal conductivity 3000% greater than that of polyester polymer. GEO is added during the dyeing of filament polyester fabrics or yarns, being infused with the fiber structure to provide permanent performance for the life of the garment. Moisture management (wicking) is inherent to GEO as the active hydrophilic particles effectively transport moisture through the fabric.

H-OneTex Co., Ltd.



7% EA, 86% rec. PES, 7% WV

This Midlayer fabric has a nice waffle structure and a super soft handfeel due to the wool content. It’s suitable for all kind of sweatshirts and sportive jackets.


301571 OR.CO PES GPE


2% EA, 76% org. CO, 22% rec. PES

Fabrics with natural ingredients do not cause an allergic reaction.Clothes that use organic cotton in their production are more flexible and much softer than those made from regular cotton. Thanks to its softness, it can be used easily and safely even on sensitive skin that can be easily irritated, such as baby skin.

Penn Textile Solutions GmbH / Penn Italia srl



79% rec. PA, 21% Roica

This baselayer fabric is suitable for all kind of shirts or even leggings. It has a 3D effect and it is even possible to create own designs. The handfeel is very soft and super stretchy.

Crowning Technical Textile Co., Ltd.



6% EA, 30% PES, 64% rec. PES

Cottony hand feel with jacquard effect provide smooth and soft hand feel when doing exercise, quick dry and stretch are more comfort than regular synthetic fabrics.

New Wide Enterprise Co., Ltd. B123428


Softshell & Outer Midlayer

43% CO, 29% rec. PES, 28% Refibra

Due to the waffle structure this fabric creates the ideal microclimate next to skin and offers skin-friendly properties. REFIBRA™ is featuring the upcycling of pre-consumer cotton scraps from garment production.



Additionals & Garments

9% EA, 91% rec. PA

This seamless Leggings with different 3D structures is made with Recycled PA Q-Nova®.

Rih Jan Fiber Industrial Co., Ltd. RJ-F2518R


Function Meets Fashion

11% EA, 18% PES, 71% rec. PES

This fancy fabric is a 3D textured stretch jersey made of 3 different tones. It also has an anti- odor finishing from Microban so you stay fresh the whole day for a comfortable feeling.

Texet Commercial Co., Ltd. TP0967-C2EB2


Function Meets Fashion

100% rec. PES

Applying the PU pearly coating with 3D embossment, this 100% reycled polyester fabric also bonded with ultra-light single jersey. The low-profile shiny effect with 3D embossment could be a hot choice for street wear and fashion design.

Singtex® Industrial Co., Ltd. SW-80366C0-4


Safety, Health & Durability

6% EA, 94% rec. PES

STORMEGA™ is a new patented technology that uses fabric structure to create a hollow layer, combined with softshell to create an unique 3D micro-climate temperature-adjusted single-layer woven fabric. Tightly woven construction provides durability and water resistance. STORMEGA™ 3D hollow layer captures and maintains body temperature without fleece, reducing microfibers polluting the ocean during washing. STORMEGA™ single-layer fabric is lightweight and has the perfect balance between water repellency, breathability, wind protection, elasticity, and warmth.

True Beauty Limited Taiwan Branch (Seychelles) / Hyperbola



100% biob.PES

This 2- layer fabric has a PU Lamination with an interesting holographic print. It is made digital (3D- stereoscopic ghosting). It is suitable for all kind of fashionable jackets.

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