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Composition 7% EA, 93% rec. PA

Weight 151 g/m²

Water Column 10000 mm

Breathability 10000 g/m²/24h


Product information

Long Advance presents LNT-21191-Z4C, a post consumer nylon that opens up a new world to recycling. The fabric, which consists of 7 % elastane and 93% recycled polyamide via mass balance, introduces new facets to the topic of recycling. BASF is known for making the best possible use of resources. Tire waste will now find new uses by being recycled and processed into a new fiber. This reduces the need for synthetic fabrics and also ensures that tire waste is recycled in a meaningful way, paving the way to replace petroleum-based plastics with plastics made from renewable raw materials.

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Long Advance Int. Co., Ltd.

Long Advance was founded in July 1992,specializing in functional fabrics with high quality and high performance. Main products are Nylon、Polyester、Nylon/Spandex,、Polyester/Spandex and mechanical stretch fabrics for OUTDOOR、SKI and fast forward activities . With the increasing demands on the quality、stability and creativity, Long Advance committed ourselves and invested all resources into the production of Hi -Tech fabrics. We offer wide range of fabrics with both woven and knitting on single layer、2 layer and 3 layer hardshells , and softshells with various functions such as water repellency、UV protection、odor control、downproof、print、high breathability、high water pressure resistant and so on, all can be manufactured to achieve customer’s request.


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