100% Jury Like

During the PERFORMANCE FORUM, all jury members meet and inspect all items that are submitted by the exhibitors. Each member of the group then nominates the items they would like to exhibit at the PERFORMANCE FORUM. If all group members agree on one item, this product is marked as “100% Jury Like”. The 100% Jury Like label is not the PERFORMANCE AWARD or ECO PERFORMANCE AWARD - rather, it is another way to recognize the unique quality of a fabric or accessory.

December 2020

46 Products


Weight: 200 g/m²

Composition: 19% CO, 9% EA, 50% TENCEL, 10% CV, 12% Lyocell (smartcel™ sensitive)

Produced in: China, Taiwan


Weight: 335 g/m²

Composition: 77% PA, 16% PU, 7% Liquid Crystal Polymer

Produced in: Sweden


Weight: 152 g/m²

Composition: 57% Bio-nylon(BASF) + 43% Nylon 6.6 stretch

Produced in: Taiwan


Weight: 40/50/60/80/100/130

Composition: 45% PES rec., 4% WO, rec., 51% Recycled Cashmere

Produced in: Italy

100 % Recycled hangtag with hemp string (ISPO2002-08-AS)

Composition: 100% HA, 100% Paper

Produced in: Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Turkey, United States, Vietnam


Weight: 222 g/m²

Composition: 100% Post-Consumer Recycle Polyester

Produced in: Taiwan, Vietnam


Weight: 154 g/m²

Composition: 88% PES rec., 12% Graphene PU Membrane

Produced in: China, Italy


Weight: 32 g/m²

Composition: 100% Nylon

Produced in: Bangladesh, China, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam


Weight: 49 g/m²

Composition: 100% Nylon

Produced in: Bangladesh, China, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam

April 2020

68 Products

New Chapter - Natural Puller

Composition: 85% CO, 15% Natural rubber

Produced in: China, Greece, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Sweden, Turkey

deko3R AUTUMN LEAVES (Reflective)

Composition: 30% PU, 70% Shredded Autumnleaves

Produced in: China, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, Taiwan, United States


Weight: 295 g/m²

Composition: 100% PES rec.

Produced in: China, Ethiopia, Haiti, Taiwan, Thailand, United States


Weight: 50/60/80/100/130

Composition: 40% HA, 40% SE, 20% PLA Ingeo

Produced in: Italy


Weight: 120 g/m²

Composition: 12.7% EA, 87.3% PA rec.

Produced in: China, Israel, United States

PrimaLoft® I-1021F

Weight: 200 g/m²

Composition: 100% PES rec.

Produced in: China, Germany, Italy, United States, Vietnam


Weight: 270 g/m²

Composition: 30% CO, 2% EA, 40% LI, 16% PA, 12% PES

Produced in: Germany, Switzerland, Taiwan


Weight: 155 g/m²

Composition: 45% PA, 10% PU, 45% WV

Produced in: China, Italy, Japan, South Korea

Exhibitor List December 2020

One Future Textile Co., Ltd.
Silkytex by Korea Silkroad
Muehlmeier Bodyshaping GmbH
Loxy AS
Ducksan Enterprise Co., Ltd.
SML Seamless