Athleisure –
Rethinking Performance Knits

Athleisure, a word coined in the USA, describes the latest trend to encircle the world. Why not? People can be athletic in leisure time and daily life too. The boundary between sportswear, casual wear, and fashion are no longer clearly separated. The November 2015’s Focus Topic is devoted to rethinking performance knits and pointing out the key functions and sustainability criteria for Athleisure clothing. Natural and synthetic fiber blends are placed under the microscope and fabrics are classified according to fiber size, length, strength, structure, thermal efficiency, feel, laundering effect, etc. What are the advantages of each blend and construction?

Use this overview and fabric recommendations to prepare your fitness/yoga-to-office collection. And find suggestions for athleisure fabrics in the overview, too.

Athleisure combining style and function in a new holistic way.
...brings sports performance into everyday life. stretching the limits.

Natural fibers & fiber blends

Synthetic fibers & fiber blends

Blends & constructions

The Fabrics used for Athleisure apparel combine functional properties with fashion and a natural feel. The best of both worlds - function and style!

Natural meet synthetic fibers

Natural fibers provide the feel and are comfortable on the skin, while synthetic fibers offer just the right functions. When combined, the result is a fabric from blended yarns (intimate blends) or fabric designs from various materials (system blends).

Combination of man-made fibers

The synthetic fibers also include smart blends that increase wearing comfort and performance. Furthermore, special color effects can be achieved through the use of double knit fabrics.

Construction of man-made fibers

In addition to the blend, the structure of the synthetic fibers affect the climate and the comfort of the fabric. Effects like shiny gloss or dull look are achieved by the texture of the yarn.

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