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Since 2010, PERFORMANCE DAYS offers expert talks about fabric, trend, technology and sustainability themes. Thanks to the expert talk on demand the knowledge is not lost. Expert talks can be found according to categories, event, orator or as free search.

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27.04.2022, Ms Maren Krings, Maren Krings Photography

PANEL: Can Hemp Help to Reduce our Global Carbon Footprint?

27.04.2022, Ms Anna Rodewald, GreenroomVoice

PANEL: Climate Action: From Measurement to Action

27.04.2022, Ms Sophie Bramel, Freelancer

PANEL: Saving Carbon with thoughtful design

27.04.2022, Mr Charles Ross, Royal College of Art

PANEL: Transparency and Customer Role in Closing the Loop of Circularity

27.04.2022, Ms Alexa Dehmel, active sports design & consulting

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