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05.10.2023, Ms Anna Rodewald, GreenroomVoice

How can nature lead us in design?

05.10.2023, Ms Alexa Dehmel, active sports design & consulting

The Best of the Innovation Zone - as Pecha Kuchas

05.10.2023, Mr Dr. Huw Williams, The LYCRA Company

Recycling of Garments with Stretch Fibers: Challenges and Solutions

05.10.2023, Mr Giovanni Henssen, Fibrant BV

The gap between CSR & Fabric Selection: how big is it?

05.10.2023, Ms Tara Maurer-Mackay, Primaloft

Revolution & Evolution – a PrimaLoft Perspective

05.10.2023, Ms Sophie Bramel, Freelancer

Material matters: reassessing impacts

04.10.2023, Ms Andrea Ferris, Intrinsic Advanced Materials

CiCLO® Technology: Mitigating Synthetic Microfiber Pollution Through Biodegradation

04.10.2023, Mr PhD Ramesh Kesh, Polartec

Fireside Chat on BioBased Materials

04.10.2023, Katy Stevens, European Outdoor Group l

Sustainability Data Exchange

04.10.2023, Ms Dalena White, International Wool Textile Organisation

Textile Footprinting and its impacts

04.10.2023, Dr. Mark Taylor & Kate Morris, Leeds Institute of Textiles and Colour, School of Design at the University of Leeds

Defining Durability, it’s tougher than you think

04.10.2023, Mr Dr. Jan Beringer, Hohenstein

Let´s talk about shoes!

04.10.2023, Ms Nora Kühner, Freelancer

PERFORMANCE COLORS by Nora Kühner I Kickoff Winter 2025

04.10.2023, Ms Alexa Dehmel, active sports design & consulting

PERFORMANCE FORUM Insights Performance Materials/ Footwear/ Innovation - Winter 2025

27.04.2023, Ms Nora Kühner, Freelancer

2025 Early PERFORMANCE COLORS by Nora Kühner

16.03.2023, Niccy Kol, RaddisCotton

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