Use of Textiles at the end of their Product Lifecycle: study conducted by Techtera Cluster (French)


Thursday 12th May 2011

12:30 CEST

Presentation Area next to the PERFORMANCE FORUM

How to help industrial companies integrate Co-operative R&D projects? What are the specifics of the working methods used be Techtera? How does the Cluster chose its technological themes? What is the function of the Ateliers-Innovation? What is the importance of recycling for the textile industry? What are the obstacles and what should be the objectives of collaborating on this important subject? What are the emerging projects of the Cluster? First results of the Innovation project, started by Techtera in the Fall of 2010 and its perspectives?

As part of the Sustainability Working Group of the European Outdoor Group (Federation of the European Outdoor Industry) and member of the Outdoor Sports Valley, Benjamin will present the issues of textile end of life options in the outdoor industry. How can a whole industry collectively answer the question of products' end of life? What can an individual company do to face this problem and take its responsibilities?

About the orator

Mr Benjamin Marias



Benjamin Marias is an entrepreneur, co-managing director of AIR - Consultancy for Responsible Innovation - for more than 4 years. AIR, while being a sustainable consulting agency, is first and foremost an innovation consulting agency. Particularly, Benjamin and his team help organizations (companies, territories, ski resorts, etc.) to innovate by identifying people’s needs/motivations and developing strategies that are consistent with sustainable issues. Salomon, Rossignol, Millet, Eider, Picture, Avoriaz Ski Resort, Verbier, Outdoor Sports Valley, Eco TLC are part of AIR's clients. Benjamin is an active member of the Outdoor Sports Valley association (Annecy, France) and the European Outdoor Group (Zug, Switzerland) where he was chairing the Product End of Life Task Group for more than a year. Product End of Life / End of Use, is one of Benjamin’s core field of expertise. He currently works on several projects around technical apparel and footwear recycling. A deep look into the opportunities to create a more circular economy in the textile industry.

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