Panel: The EU Green Deal - what DOES it mean for textile (recycling)?


Friday 04th November 2022

11:30 - 12:30 CET

Expert Talk Area and Live-Stream

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Everyone is aware of the incoming EU Green Deal, but the detail of the legislation is still not clear enough. Although it is based on the Circular Economy principles, especially when it comes to textile-to-textile recycling. How set up is Europe & Technology to cope with this? The other end of the scale is that there could not have any rPET from waste drinks bottles & qualms over the array of mixed materials used in garments. Brands HAVE to be responsible for both up & down chain actions. This panel gathers some of the best brains around garment recycling to spell out the future


  • Cyndi Rhoades, Worn Again;
  • Helene Smit - Recover Fibre;
  • Ross Barry, LMB Recycling & Re:Skinned;
  • Harald Cavalli-Björkman, Re:Newcell

About the orator

Mr Charles Ross

Royal College of Art

Lecturer in Performance Sportswear Design

About the orator

Having exchanged being an Outward Bound Instructor for the warmth of indoors, Charles has helped teach the next generation of designers for two decades now. Sustainable through longevity is a core principle.

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