Key design factors for using reflectives


Wednesday 20th April 2016

16:45 - 17:45 CEST

Presentation Area next to the PERFORMANCE FORUM

Incorporating reflective material is a leading trend in consumer clothing design, but is it being used effectively? Based on new research and design experience, Chuck will show you using a case study on a commercialized garment how to optimize the use of reflective material in clothing designs. He will help you understand this amazing material by sharing the 5 most important design considerations when using reflective material and how to efficiently incorporate reflective into your designs to increase visibility. He will also teach you about the Reflective Visibility Score (VRS™) and how you can use design to optimize the use of the reflective material on sportswear and outdoor clothing.

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About the orator

Mr Chuck Gruber

Safe Reflections, Inc.

President and CEO

Chuck Gruber is the President and CEO of Safe Reflections Inc., a privately held technology company, providing reflective solutions to the occupational safety, military training and consumer activewear apparel markets. He recently founded ReflectYourGear™, a business venture which is dedicated to reducing automobile-based injuries to children, runners, walkers and cyclists by increasing their visibility during low light hours and raising the awareness of the benefits of wearing reflective material. Gruber, has a degree in Chemical Engineering and a Masters Degree in Marketing.

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Comment by Chuck Gruber |

Hi all 2016 PERFORMANCE DAYS Attendees.
I'm excited about sharing with you the reflective design case study and would love to hear what ideas, questions, and concerns you might have prior to the event. Please leave a comment here and I will try to address them during the session.
See you in April! - Chuck

Reply by Performance Days Assistant

Dear Chuck,
We are also looking forward to your presentation!
Kind regards, Stefanie

Comment by Chuck Gruber |

It was a pleasure to present our Reflective Case Study at Performance Days - the first public presentation of this information. Please take a look at the presentation and let us know if you have any questions about the info presented or reflective in general.
Kind regards, Chuck

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