I Am What I Wear - the Harmony of Body, Soul and Spirit in Regard to Trends in Textiles and Function


Monday 12th November 2012

14:30 CET

Presentation Area next to the PERFORMANCE FORUM

Health, recovery and well-being are more of a basic need in today’s fast paced life than ever before. While people are increasingly aware of the health of our natural environment, they are also more and more conscious of their personal health. Everyone is searching for ways to address the health of self, even amidst long work days, appointments, deadlines and other obligations. In our busy lives, each of us is always looking for ways to reduce stress, be healthy, and recover more quickly. We look for this in all aspects of our lives, from our meals to our smartphones to our footwear. Schoeller Technologies presents new innovations in textile technologies and answers the questions: How do textiles and functional textile technologies fit into this growing global trend? How does clothing with functions help increase well-being and health?
ecorepel® - the ecological way to repel water and mud
energear™ - the energy recovery system for textiles
iLoad® - reloadable textiles for health and wellbeing

About the orator

Ms Judith Glück

Schoeller Technologies AG

Textile Engineer

About the orator

Judith Glück studied Textile Chemistry at the Hof University of Applied Science. After three years of professional experience gained from a textile chemistry producer, she continued her career working for Hugo Boss as part of the Innovation Team. Her passion for sports and functional apparel led her to the Swiss specialist in mountain sports, Mammut Sports Group. At Mammut, she served as the Head of Product Development for the brand TOKO, where for years she developed after-market care products for functional textiles. In 2011, Judith Glück joined Schoeller Technologies AG, the licensing company for innovative textile technologies, where she is now responsible for Pull Marketing Europe.

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