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Wednesday 04th November 2015

14:45 CET

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Cadira® is a module in DyStar´s Resource Efficiency program which was introduced to the Textile Industry to support Brands & Retailers and the global textile supply chain to save natural resources, reduce effluent load and the carbon footprint in textile production.

The Cadira® Polyester modules provide information about Best Available Technology (BAT) for environmentally friendly exhaust processing of polyester fibers. This is done by process optimization options and product offers, using Dianix® dyes and Sera® process auxiliaries. Furthermore, details about processing of recycled polyester, types of recycled polyester as well as information about the Cradle to Cradle® Product Innovation Institute and Cradle to Cradle certified Dianix® dyes are part of the modules.

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About the orator

Mr Diederik Janssen

Unifi, Inc. - the makers of Repreve

Director of Brand Sales EMEA

Diederik Janssen has been working in the textile industry for over 20 years, predominantly in the synthetics fibre sector. He is responsible for growing the recycled polyester and nylon market Unifi, under the Repreve brand name, in Europe. Working hand in hand with brands and retailers, he is helping them finding applications and solutions for incorporating an ever increasing amount of recycled fibres in their ranges. Prior, Diederik ran Elastics international Ltd, a company supplying the European textile industry with polyester and nylon yarns, elastomeric (covered yarns), spandex and aramid fibres. He has been part of the development of many new products in the apparel and industrial sectors with a strong focus on innovation. Diederik holds a Masters Degree in Materials Science from the Polytechnic School of Lausanne in Switzerland.

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