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Since 2010, PERFORMANCE DAYS offers expert talks about fabric, trend, technology and sustainability themes. Thanks to the expert talk archive the knowledge is not lost. Expert talks can be found according to categories, event, orator or as free search.

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08.11.2017, Ms Muchaneta Kapfunde,

Translating the Power of Smart Fabrics

08.11.2017, Ms Nora Kühner, Freelancer

PERFORMANCE COLORS by Nora Kühner- Winter 2019/20

08.11.2017, Ms Ulrike Arlt, Freelancer


27.04.2017, Mr Rüdiger Röhrig, Sustainable Growth Associates

Sustainability and technology acceleration - Surfing the waves

27.04.2017, Ms Karin Ekberg, Leadership & Sustainability

The SAC Higg Index

27.04.2017, Ms Susanne Volz, ecocircle concept

Biodegradability– the nonplus ultra?

27.04.2017, Ms Sophie Bramel, Freelancer

To biodegrade or not?

27.04.2017, Mr Sam Deconinck, OWS

Bio-end-of-life of textiles

27.04.2017, Ms Nora Kühner, Freelancer

Biodegradation – more than just another function

27.04.2017, Ms Christin Glöckner, Hohenstein Institute

Aerobic biodegradation of textiles

27.04.2017, Ms Sophie Mather, biov8tion

Biodegradability: The myths and connections

26.04.2017, Mr Charles Jwo, Ho Yu Textile

The new sustainable printing

26.04.2017, Mr Christopher Ræburn, Christopher Ræburn

Designing Sustainability

26.04.2017, Mr Karsten Bleymehl, MRC - Materials Research & Consulting

SUSTAINOVATION – Origami & Denim Textiles

26.04.2017, Ms Sophie Bramel, Freelancer

Are smart textiles set to take off?

26.04.2017, Mr Jonas Wand, Foursource Group

Creating transparency in the apparel & textile industry

26.04.2017, Ms Anne Prahl, concept+design

Embedded nature: Design innovation for health & wellbeing

26.04.2017, Ms Nora Kühner, Freelancer

PERFORMANCE COLORS by Nora Kühner- Summer 2019

26.04.2017, Ms Ulrike Arlt, Freelancer


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