Diving into Plastic


Thursday 29th November 2018

09:45 - 10:45 CET

Expert Talk Area

Water is life. But more and more water is facing a dramatic impact from human activities. One of the fastest emerging problems is linked to the use of plastic. Excess of use, carelessness, ignorance and often lack of knowledge and awareness is leading to ever more plastic emission to the environment. Higher attention has been raised on plastic in the sea, but studies show, that plastic in various forms is found literally in all aquatic environments, and beyond. Arctic sea ice, glaciers, groundwater and all freshwater habitats bear their load of plastic – with sometimes severe consequences for organisms, including humans. On all levels, from personal to institutional – both NGOs and public administrations - there are various measures proposed or being adopted to mitigate plastic pollution. The challenges comprise technological, economical, political and societal, yet psychological aspects. The presentation will lead through the topic from worldwide personal experience and own research, critically touching current projects and possible solutions, and also the issues that occur in various efforts to make a change.

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About the orator

Mr. Christian Lott

HYDRA Marine Sciences GmbH


Christian is a marine biologist, lecturer, researcher and filmmaker plus one of the founders of the HYDRA marine field station on Elba/Italy. Since 25 years, he has been involved in over 100 research and media projects – in inland waters from high-alpine lakes and low-land rivers to the lowest lake on earth, the Dead Sea, as well as most marine habitats from Antarctica to the tropics of the Caribbean Sea, from SE Asia to the Mediterranean. Christian and his team have been active in marine plastic degradation research for more than ten years.

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