Digitizing the material supply chain - a panel with Mammut, adidas & JML


Expert Talk Area

Thursday 05th October 2023

14:50 - 15:50 CEST

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Speakers on stage:

  • Anja Leipner, Mammut

Anja Leipner works as a 3D developer for Mammut Sports Group AG. She is responsible for the creation of digital twins until the final rendering. She has 10 years of experience in 3D design and visualization and an education with textile background.

  • Detlef Mueller, Adidas

1996-1998 Teams Design Esslingen. Since 1998 adidas AG Herzogenaurach. Various positions in 3D Design, leading 3D teams, leading strategic projects in digital creation Footwear. Responsible for research, development and rollout of digital technologies @adidas and suppliers for Footwear (partially Apparel).

  • Jenny Jiang, JML Apparel

With 22 years of extensive experience in textile raw material design, development, marketing, and engineering background, Jenny is responsible for strategic direction in shaping the company's market positioning and growth.   Since 2018, Jenny has led the company to start digital evolution, including product 3D digitization.  She is the VP of marketing/sales at JML.


  • Viktor Sohka, JML Apparel


With an MBA in Production Management and a mechanical engineering degree, Viktor represents a confluence of financial prowess, strategic business insights, and cutting-edge tech proficiency.

Recognizing the vast potential of 3D digitization and its impending revolution in textiles in 2018, he got involved with business development, focusing on integrating 3D technologies while still working in the field of education. At JML, he has spearheaded projects that have harnessed 3D digitization to transform traditional workflows, resulting in increased efficiency, reduced waste, and augmented design capabilities.

About the orator

Ms. Renate Eder

Vizoo GmbH

CCO & Managing Partner

Renate Eder is the CCO and Managing Partner at Vizoo. In this capacity, Renate is focused on products and services that facilitate the implementation of material digitization throughout their clients' supply chain. Her team is consulting brands, manufacturers and fabric mills how to leverage 3D technology for the fabric process. Renate has her background in the sporting goods industry when she headed up the 3D Apparel Creation Technologies Team at adidas. There she played a major role in the implementation of 3D technologies and processes throughout the Apparel supply chain.

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