PANEL: Materials from ReGenerative Agriculture: is this the Nirvana point for natural fibres?

Wednesday 01st December 2021

11:45 - 12:45 CET


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IF ReGenerative Agriculture is the NIRVANA point, why is it so difficult to connect the existing value chains?

How can we help developers and designers to integrate reg ag in their current way of working? What are the hurdels and how to overcome them?

Is ReGenerative Agriculture going to make such a small difference, that it is not worth the effort?

Could there be better efforts towards trying to mitigate the effect of the textiles industry?

... and get to know the panel:

Charles Ross, RCA Sustainable Textiles Lecturer

Deborah Luffmann, Finisterre
Simon Whitmarsh-Knight, HD Wool
Niccy Kol, RaddisCotton
Mark Taylor, University of Leeds

Debbie has 20 years broad industry experience in fashion and textiles. For the last 13 years she’s shaped the Product at pioneering, sustainable outdoor clothing brand, Finisterre. As Product Director she’s led ambitious initiatives to reduce the brand’s impact and re-imagine a new and positive way to do business. Drawing on her experiences at Finisterre, Debbie has founded ThinkCircular, working across business, industry and education as a circular strategist and activist in the transition towards circularity.

Simon has over 25 years B2B2C experience in the speciality fibre, technical textile and performance apparel industries. His role is to leverage the rapidly growing interest in natural fibres en route to more circular, regenerative sourcing models and highlight how consumers can make planet positive choices when it comes to apparel.

From sportswear to haute couture, from traditional African print fabrics to recycled plastic, from sustainable e-commerce to circular fashion models, Niccy's global experience in the textile- & fashion world is broad and thorough. Her current role as Brand & Impact Catalyst for Raddis® Cotton (regenerative, organic & the ultimate source for circular products) is right up her alley triggering the needed change within our industry by transforming our value-chains creating more good instead of less bad.

The Outdoor & Sports Industry knows Dr Taylor well as he is responsible for performance clothing research in the School of Design at the University of Leeds. This Lab has become the default choice of most of the industry as it not only carries out the usual sets of tests that would be expected, but the results come with an opinion formed over 30+ years of being excellent at this. Knowledge is great, but having the context for it is even better. The level above this is having reflections on how you can make a better fabric/ system/ application. Mark's high point over lockdown was helping to create the Wash Test Standard, that is being reviewed for ISO acceptance, for The MicroFibre Consortium - so that the range of claims of how much textile wash-off could be agreed as the start point for the improvements.

About the orator

Mr Charles Ross

Lecturer in Performance Sportswear Design

Royal College of Art

About the orator

Having exchanged being an Outward Bound Instructor for the warmth of indoors, Charles has helped teach the next generation of designers for two decades now. Sustainable through longevity is a core principle.

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