KEYNOTE: Emotional Durability as Core Value

Thursday 10th December 2020

10:10 - 10:50 CET


Fjällräven has been around since the 60s, and so has many of their products. The company is on a mission to inspire the world to walk with nature, with products that aim at getting people out in an active outdoor life, and that stubbornly do not follow flashy trends. Join the conversation of Charles Ross and Christiane Dolva talking about subjects like…

Corporate Social Responsibility at the centre of business is a risk - what has been the greatest benefit & the biggest problem with this? In hindsight what would you have changed?

Emotional Durability is a core principle of what Fjallraven offers; every other brand just seems to want to sell more gear to the users each season. How have you been able to make profit, by selling less product than others?

… and much more. Listen to Christiane Dolva reveal why and how sustainability is their driving force.

About the orator

Ms Christiane Dolva

Head of Sustainability


About the orator

Christiane Dolva has been working in the field of sustainability for the past 11 years, and found home when marrying her passion for nature and the outdoors with her passion for developing sustainable business at Fjällräven. She has a masters degree in Sustainable Enterprising from Stockholm Resilience Center, originates from Norway and now live in Sweden with her family. As Head of Sustainability, she won the Swedish Sports Association Person of the Year award this year.

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Comment by Laurent Vandepaer |

Thanks and looking forward to learn more about emotional durability.

Comment by charles ross |


It is the expression that reveals how much Christiane & I have as common ground. I have done work for the British Gov on waste textiles; there were 3 categories - physical durability (what the Outdoor brands have tackled well), fit durability (best examples by growing kids), & emotional durability (when you stop using an item because you have been tempted to use something else instead). It is the latter that Fjallraven have made their point of pride as they have made CSR the core of their business. In a highly marketed society this could have been a risky strategy - but it has got the brand more penetration into the US market than any other Europe Outdoor brand. Christiane would like other brands to copy this philosophy - it would do good for brands, the profits, & the planet. By being this open she should be congratulated!

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