PANEL: How can we authentically design outerwear to be fully biodegradable?

Wednesday 09th December 2020

16:00 - 17:00 CET


Biodegradability is the popular extra feature of the day for insulations, but without the microbes being able to get through the face fabrics - the process will not start. This discussion addresses this very problem. Synthetic face fabrics are associated with being the Plastic-in-the-Ocean whilst natural ones are accused of not being able to offer protection...

Charles Ross

Daniel Odermatt, Ventile, Marketing Manager
Daniel has 40+ years of experience in the textile industry. At Ventile – the manufacturer of the finest 100% extra-long staple cotton - he is responsible for the research and development of fabric - sourcing cutting edge and sustainable manufacturing technologies that will help develop environmentally friendly fabrics of unbeatable performance and quality.

Vanessa Mason, PrimaLoft, Senior Vice President of Engineering
Vanessa has a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering with a concentration in Polymer Science. She has 25+ years of experience in plastics/textile research and development. Her career focus has been geared towards utilizing advanced material science to develop performance based products that are sustainable.

Kjersti Kviseth, 2025design, Lifecycler
Works for the global and national wool industry to promote wools circular attributes, supports fashion and outdoor brands, creates happenings for the Outdoor industry and works for the Norwegian Fashion & Textiles Agenda. Strong interest in regenerative agriculture, even has a small farm with a handfull of sheep.

Dr Mark Taylor, University of Leeds, Performance Clothing team
Mark is the driving force behind the laboratory test centre most used by the British Outdoor Industry. It is known for 3 things: scientific testing, practical advice on design suggestions, & a Yorkshire opinion. The School of Design has produced many of the textile developers at the European Outdoor brands, including all of the European Outdoor Group's sustainability team

About the orator

Mr Charles Ross

Royal College of Art

Lecturer in Performance Sportswear Design

Having exchanged being an Outward Bound Instructor for the warmth of indoors, Charles has helped teach the next generation of designers for two decades now. Sustainable through longevity is a core principle.

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Comment by Tang YUN TAO |

hi, we been in contact via Linkened already,would like to learn more abt ur knowhow and viewpoint on the industry

Comment by Daniel Morby |

Morning Charles

Would be keen to connect to discuss our performance Healfiber products and the enhancements they can bring to outdoor winter wear. Have a good stream if I don't manage to watch and hopefully I can watch a recording later - Daniel

Comment by charles ross |

Daniel: Send across details to <>

Tang YUN TAO: have not seen your comments - please send them to me. I teach at a small London University & am proud of the good work done by the Outdoor brands in developing better practice for the whole of the textile industry. The point of the panel is that I have been able to assemble 4 people much better than me on this subject - so it will be an opportunity to hear their views

Comment by Marium ZAIN |

Hi Charles, Looking forward to your presentation.

Comment by Charles DE BRUYNE |

I missed unfortunately the panel discussion. Has it been recorded, or is it possible to review it?
Thank you!

Reply by Lena Weimer

Hi Charles, Yes, the videos will be all available on the website next week to review!

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