RespiGardTM By Celgard – The latest technology innovation in waterproof, breathable membrane technology

Monday 17th May 2021

18:10 - 18:30 CEST

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RespiGardTM By Celgard – The latest technology innovation in waterproof, breathable membrane technology

Celgard will provide an overview of the company and their new award winning RespiGardTM membranes.  RespiGard membranes are the latest technological advancement in waterproof breathable products.

The new RespiGard polypropylene membrane used by Trenchant Technologies in their award-winning SlickerB product creates micro pores that are too small for a water droplet to pass through but so breathable the wearer can experience great comfort! RespiGard Membranes by Celgard are also made using a PFC and solvent free process and this will be discussed as well.

Please join us as we introduce Celgard’s RespiGard membrane - the newest revelation in the outdoor space.

About the orator

Mr Ron Smith

Ron Smith, Director of Specialty Business


About the orator


A global leader in the development and production of high-performance membrane separator technology, Celgard has long delivered highly-engineered products with proven quality and performance. Our new RespiGard™ and RespiShield™ membranes are no exception.
Waterproof and breathable. Quiet and soft. RespiGard™ is a unique, lightweight membrane designed for outdoor apparel. Smooth, uniform pores are too small for water to penetrate while high porosity allows for airflow and moisture evaporation. And it’s eco-friendly.

Barrier protection and breathable. Lightweight and quiet. RespiShield™ is the optimal barrier shield in viral and synthetic blood protection film used in medical personal protective equipment (PPE). And it’s eco-friendly, too.
Designed by leveraging Celgard’s technical capabilities and the unique polyolefin molecular properties created by its patented manufacturing process, RespiGard™ and RespiShield™ offer lightweight and quiet protection without sacrificing comfort and safety.

With more than 45 years of market-leading research, development and manufacturing, Celgard continues to deliver superior performing products.

Celgard also specializes in coated and uncoated dry-process microporous membranes used as
separators that are a major component of lithium-ion batteries. Celgard's battery separator
technology is important to the performance of rechargeable and disposable lithium-ion batteries for electric drive vehicles (EDVs), energy storage systems (ESS) and other applications.

Celgard, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Polypore International, LP, an Asahi Kasei Company.

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