Defining Durability, it’s tougher than you think


Expert Talk Area

Wednesday 04th October 2023

11:45 - 12:45 CEST

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Durability is becoming an important part of many sustainability and circularity conversations. Important both for brands developing products with an increased lifespan, and also for legislators as they try to develop policies to encourage the development of such products. Until now there is little in the way of a formal definition or tools to measure both the emotional and physical aspects of durability. This interactive session will bring together key stakeholders in this important discussion to share research outcomes and explore influencing factors as well as potential ways to measure durability.

Additional speakers on stage:

Kate Morris, PhD Student, University of Leeds

Kate is currently studying towards a PhD at the School of Design, University of Leeds. The project, in collaboration with WRAP, is focusing on the dynamics of physical and emotional durability. Kate's research seeks to investigate how these concepts affect consumer clothing utilisation and disposal behaviour with the goal of facilitating the growth of circularity systems within the clothing industry. Before starting her PhD, she spent 3 years as a Fabric Technologist in the outdoor clothing sector and has a background in fabric technology.

About the orator

Dr. Mark Taylor & Kate Morris

Leeds Institute of Textiles and Colour, School of Design at the University of Leeds

Mark is an active researcher who lectures to undergraduates (and masters students) and supervisors research students.

He teaches on the BA Sustainable Fashion programme. This includes modules on the lifecycle of fibres, sportwear and tools for sustainable design.

Marks research interests cover the comfort and protection of clothing systems for extreme and hostile environments and the role of textiles in protection in falls from height or from falling objects.

Since 2016 Mark has actively researched the problem of fibre release from textiles during laundry. He is a member of the Microfibre Consortiums (TMC) Technical Committee, The TMC is an industry funded organisation whose aim is to "facilitate the development of practical solutions for the textile industry to minimise microfibre release to the environment from textile manufacturing and product life cycle".



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