CiCLO® Technology: Mitigating Synthetic Microfiber Pollution Through Biodegradation


Expert Talk Area

Wednesday 04th October 2023

16:30 - 17:15 CEST

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This session will focus on biodegradation as one solution for fugitive microfiber pollution. We will cover the problem, details of CiCLO® technology, how it's tested, and how to responsibly communicate the benefits to consumers. Emphasis will be on biodegradation testing, common misperceptions and what it takes to pioneer a new sustainable technology in the textiles industry.

Launched in 2017 after five years of R&D, CiCLO® technology is a textile ingredient designed to mitigate synthetic microfiber pollution, the most prevalent form of microplastic pollution found in environments across the globe. When added to polyester or nylon, CiCLO® technology enables fibers that end up fugitive in the environment to biodegrade at greatly accelerated rates compared to conventional synthetics, leaving behind only basic natural elements.

About the orator

Ms Andrea Ferris

Intrinsic Advanced Materials


Andrea Ferris is co-inventor of CiCLO technology and CEO of Intrinsic Advanced Materials (IAM), a joint venture with Parkdale Mills, the world's leading manufacturer of spun yarns. Throughout her decade-long journey from co-inventor to CEO, she has experienced firsthand the challenges and triumphs of commercializing a scientific technology in the often misunderstood industry of biodegradable plastics. She has been involved in many areas of the business including product development, testing, manufacturing, sales and marketing, but most enjoys the role of educating on the issue of microfiber pollution and biodegradation as one solution.

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