Awareness of New Material Solutions


Wednesday 08th May 2019

15:45 - 16:45 CEST

Expert Talk Area

New material solutions are the basis of change. Material designers and producers can design, redesign and redefine materials giving them an entirely new purpose. Increasing the potential of materials and awareness of material processes is super important. Focussing on research, sourcing, advise, educate and communicate what materials are and can be in the immediate, near and far future, implementing sustainable alternatives and working towards a more environmentally responsible designed future.

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About the orator

Ms Anne-Marie van Hoof


Creative Director

Anne-Marie van Hoof runs 4-OPTIONS. She is a targeted ambitious entrepreneurial textile expert who connects technology with creativity. She helps to understand the possibilities of textile in every aspect of product and production process and creates custom made textile concepts, practical sourcing manuals, educates and connects with suppliers. Important 4-OPTIONS tools are the up to date textile library and the self-developed textile innovation model.

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