Aerobic biodegradation of textiles


Thursday 27th April 2017

10:45 - 11:45 CEST

Presentation Area next to the PERFORMANCE FORUM

Biodegradation is the biological breakdown of organic contaminants by microorganisms like fungi or bacteria when oxygen is present. The assessment system for biodegradation of textiles, developed by the Hohenstein Institute, includes the evaluation of the aerobic biodegradability of textiles via a controlled soil burial within a defined test period. Controlled means, there are sufficient oxygen and living organisms in the soil. Considering to the global problem of the rising amount of waste and pollution is forcing us to find new solutions for a more sustainable economy. The test gives important information of the decay properties of a product and for its optimization, the general determination of risks and also to ensure the futureproof disposal of products for environmental benefits.

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About the orator

Ms Christin Glöckner

Hohenstein Institute

Head of Product Management

M.Sc. Christin Glöckner studied product- and process engineering for textiles at the University of Kaiserslautern with focus on textile finishing. There she made her bachelor of engineering in February 2014. In August 2017 she finished her master of science for innovation and technology management. At the Hohenstein Group she started her career five years ago as project manager at the department for hygiene, environmental and medicine. In the middle of 2014 she became team leader in research and development. Since July 2017 she operates as the head of product management & business development at the Life Science & Care Department of Hohenstein.

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