About the Evolutionary Significance of Clothing - From early hominids to anthropocene


Thursday 03rd November 2022

13:45 - 14:45 CET

Expert Talk Area and Live-Stream

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It’s a long time ago – that means about 3 – 4 millions years - that hominids started to favour the savanne in East Africa. The bipedal walking became the preferred motor pattern. They had to walk for long times – while hunting and gathering. Therefore transpiration, sweating, became essential to survive. Gradually the hairiness subsided.

Later on the colonization of different regions of the earth was possible only by compensation nudity with furs and then with textile products. In this respect the textile industry or his ancestors has plaid an important role in the history of mankind.

But today they face very different challenges: The demographic development in combination with technical options to exploit resources upsets the balance of earth. The term "Anthropcene"  refers to the overriding influence of man on earth especially in the last decades (soil, water, air, plant and animal world). Thus the textile industry has an important heritage - with a new special responsibility.


The genetic-biological nature of humans (for instance the basic metabolism rate at rest) indicates that humans are in steady state only when acting, when moving. This is the heritage of mankind from the older hominids as runners and hunters.

But today? People sit in front of their screen – just against their nature. A lot of physical and psychological problems are related to this. And at this point sports and active sport industry come into play. They can help to bring back the energy balance into equilibrium.

About the orator

Priv. Doz. Dr. Gerhard Niemann

Hospital Kinderklinik Schömberg

Medical Director and CEO

About the orator

Studies of philosophy and medicine
Specialist in neurology and pediatrics; expert in evolutionary neurobiology

Focus of work in the last decades

  • Relationship between brain acitivity and behavior
  • Decision making in the brain
  • The social brain
  • Learning and the different types of memory
  • Motor and speech development of children
  • About art and religious artefacts (in phylogenesis)

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