A clear step by step roadmap for business owners to get clarity of HOW to build their unique value proposition and stand out in a cluttered world where no one wants more - and you have only 1 second to stand out.


Thursday 16th March 2023

16:00 - 17:00 CET

Expert Talk Area and Live-Stream

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Today in the new world of conscious consumerism the consumer does not want more stuff. What they want is your unique meaning and today in our digital world, you have one second to stand out.. The brands who are leading in this decade of change are those who have clarity and a roadmap of what makes you unique ( Here is a secret, being vegan, sustainable or making great innovative products is not unique.)

Does your business have clarity on what makes it unique? Do your dream clients have clarity of why to choose you instantly? Does your team know how to position and sell your unique value? If you do not have clarity on your unique brand power you are loosing out at best case to leading your category, worst case becoming redundant.

If you want a new roadmap to sell more waste less and build your legacy in 2023 join us on.

Where Sara SImmonds a world leading expert in Conscious consumerism and conscious product innovation will be sharing a 12 step roadmap and plan of HOW you can stand out and build impact in record time.

About the orator

Sara Simmonds

The Conscious Innovator

CEO and Chief Mentor,

About the orator

Sara is an expert thought leader in conscious consumerism.

Today the world doesn’t need more, Sara speaks to how to re-imagine your businesses for the new era of conscious consumerism.

Having pioneered the world’s first 100% sustainable luxury jeans brand and been the recipient of Grazia Magazine’s award for impact entrepreneurship  Sara has seen first-hand the challenges to transform all the products and services we make to be conscious and meaningful.

Today Sara will share her expert roadmap that is enabling business owners globally to stop wasting time and be able to re-imagine their businesses so they can stay relevant and lead  in a world that no longer wants more.

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