The Impact and Future of Color

Colors and fabrics are inseparably linked and play a vital role in the textile industry as well as in daily life. The choice of a fabric's color can significantly influence the perception and emotional experience of a garment. Colors have the power to create and express moods; they can soothe, stimulate, or even spread cheerfulness.

Different fabrics absorb colors in unique ways, leading to a variety of textures and appearances. Natural fibers like cotton and linen react differently to dyeing processes compared to synthetic materials such as polyester or nylon. These differences are crucial for designers and manufacturers who must choose the right combination of color and material to achieve the desired aesthetics and functionality.

Moreover, the coloration of fabrics holds historical and cultural significance. Traditional dyeing techniques, such as using natural plant dyes, have their own charm and offer a sustainable alternative to synthetic dyes. However, modern technologies enable more precise and durable color applications that meet the demands of today's fashion and textile industries.

Overall, the interplay of colors and fabrics is a fascinating field that requires both artistic creativity and technical expertise. The perfect symbiosis of both can create impressive and inspiring works that make our world more colorful and interesting.

However, the fact that color, especially the dyeing of textiles and fabrics, can negatively impact the environment is one of the challenges the industry faces today and will increasingly address in the future. Solutions and alternatives are being sought. The big question: How can fabrics be dyed to keep the ecological footprint as small as possible? How can we relearn to appreciate the beauty of a fabric beyond properties like color? What paths is the industry taking, and what solutions are already available? These are the topics that PERFORMANCE DAYS aims to highlight with the next Focus Topic, "Colorisation – Chemistry is Everywhere."

In addition to the developments in this story from the last PERFORMANCE COLORS by Nora Kühner, you can find many more colorful fabrics in the Product Finder Library. You can also look for materials with phase-change or far-infrared technology. Be inspired.

Interview - 'Color is life'

Color expert and designer Nora Kühner knows this well—a deep conversation about color awaits you in our extensive "Behind the Seams" interview. Kühner has long been a crucial expert for PERFORMANCE DAYS when it comes to the most exciting trends in color.
Sometimes loud, sometimes quiet, comforting or encouraging, but always associated with emotion—according to color expert Nora Kühner, color  is an experience for all the senses. It’s no that color influences up to 70 percent of our purchasing decisions, making it the largest decision-making factor. There’s no question that color is an essential part of our clothing, but it also impacts the entire textile chain—since the global balance of dyeing is significant. This year's Focus Topic "Colorization – Chemistry is Everywhere" delves into the global impact of colors and looks at better alternatives for sustainable dyeing. But can dyeing ever truly be sustainable?

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New Focus Topic for PERFORMANCE DAYS: “Colorization – Chemistry is Everywhere”

No matter how much technical progress fabrics achieve - it is their aesthetic beauty that seals the deal. Although the virtual world is progressing fabrics still have the W-o-W ability in real life. This is what PERFORMANCE DAYS aims for the next Focus Topic! Most of the visual effect comes from color. Finishes enhance the tactile effect. Being PERFORMANCE DAYS: we want to know about better practice to obtain this result.

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Nora Kühner with two presentations at the FFF in New York

On July 16 and 17, 2024, the Functional Fabric Fair powered by PERFORMANCE DAYS will take place in New York. In addition to the latest trends from the fiber and material sector, the Expert Talks will also focus on controversial topics from the industry, trend previews, exciting lectures and important developments. Nora Kühner will be on stage with two panels on both days.

Presentation 1 | Tuesday, July 16, 2024


Summer 2026 is a season of dynamic color bursts and tonal color flows. The trend team defined eight color stories that explore the many facets  of the iconic seasonal keyword ‘ERUPTION’. The sublime beauty of muted  hues contrasts sharply the overwhelming vibrancy of lustrous and intense shades. Following the mood of the last few seasons, the color choices reflect a world in turmoil but with the power to break barriers. In her presentation Nora provides an up-to-date overview of the latest trends and depicts a detailed and rich image of the color spirit of the season.
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Presentation 2 | Wednesday, July 17, 2024


We over-produce, we over-consume and we throw away in masses. Earth has reached its limits. The path to a more sustainable industry comes along with restraints and limitations. Lots of complaints about all the regulations paralyze the sector. What is the impact of strict regulations on design and development? What are the crucial parameters for design at the intersection of limitation and expansion? In her presentation Nora explores the creative potential of limitations. Shaping the future is not about the one and only utopian idea or technology, it is a shift in thinking that we have to achieve. Active transformation instead of silent resignation.

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More information about Nora´s panels and the whole expert talks program in New York:

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Fiery depth. Eruption – PERFORMANCE COLORS by Nora Kühner

Discover PERFORMANCE COLORS by Nora Kühner, available as a digital package in two parts. Part one provides early color information, published approximately 10 days after the relevant season's KickOff at PERFORMANCE DAYS. Part two is the e-Magazine, released 8 weeks after the fair, offering a detailed overview of the background story, fabric textures & surfaces, color combinations, and graphic inspiration. Dive into this comprehensive resource and unlock the power of color for your design journey.

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Materials Section

3D ready by Vizoo Logo

Omniteksas 7118S-1RWSRCS



13% rec. PA, 33% rec. PES, 54% RWS MERINO Wool

Single Jersey fabric in mixture with RWS wool and recycled polyester has a better environmental impact compared to non-recycled fibers. Recycling saves energy resources and reduces greenhouse gas emission. RWS certificated wool means better animal welfare, sheeps are treated responsibly and social requirements are important. A non-heavy fabric weight makes you feel comfortable, does not restrict movements and feels very light during wearing it. Stripy fabric look could create a lot of different designs for clothes in sportswear and fashion.

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Shinkong Textile Co., Ltd


Function Meets Fashion

7% biob.PES, 38% PES, 55% rec. PES

Containing recycled and bio-based polyesters, this interlined double weave has a reduced carbon footprint. It provides excellent thermal insulation that keeps you warm and cozy. The peached surfaces give off a sueded hand feel, enhancing tactile comfort. Additionally, a bio-based wicking treatment makes it dry swiftly, and its UV protective property offers protection against sun rays.

Trans-Textil GmbH E34840000 B40V1/R0007

Topaz Aquair waterproof

Bags & Tents

100% PES, 100% waterbased PU

Coating: aquair® water-based microporous PU coating. Membrane: TOPAZ PES.Backing: 100% PES Interlock.Topaz aquair® is a highly breathable imitation leather by Trans-Textil on aqueous PU basis. The special microporous structure of aquair is permeable for water vapor and thus ensures max. comfort paired with individually selected textiles. The aquair products can also be finished with Trans-Textil‘s breathable and waterproof membrane systems. With high mechanical durability and elasticity, aquair is ideal for eco-conscious products like shoe components, functional clothing, bags and accessoires.

Alexa Dehmel

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Starting February 2024, Astrid Schlüchter is taking on the role of Senior Communication Manager at PERFORMANCE DAYS. To drive further growth with innovative communication strategies, PERFORMANCE DAYS is bringing Astrid Schlüchter on board not only as a seasoned industry expert but also as a renowned specialist journalist. Before joining PERFORMANCE DAYS, the trained fashion designer led the editorial team of the print and online medium SAZsport as Editor-in-Chief and was instrumental in the development of the Sports Retail Congress. Prior to that, Schlüchter worked for a long time as a freelance writer for various media in the sports, fashion, and lifestyle segments.


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